Double Gravity


– AdMobAds already entegrated our code ( just enter your admob pub Id : ca-app-pub-XXXXX – Windows phone, ios, android )
– Google play leaderboard entegrated for android.
– Work on all html5 browser and mobile
– Mouse, or touch control
– HTM5 includes files and construct2
– This game can be exported to the following systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Facebook, Windows Store, Amazon Appstore, Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace, OUYA, CocoonJS, PhoneGap, Intel XDK, Tizen, Open Web App, Kongregate, Ejects, HTML5 website.

– Google Play Store :
– Web :
– I dont upload IOS and Windows Mobile. If you want you can.

Game Detail : You can make brain exercise and improve your reflexes by managing each heroes at the same time. To pass next level is easy and it provides to finish your game fastly.


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