DroidURL – Android URL Shortener For AdLinkFly And Premium URL Shortener


DroidURL is an android URL shortener application using AdLinkFly and Premium URL Shortener API.

Turn your AdLinkFly or Premium URL Shortener website into Android application in just a few in minutes! ( No code knowledge or tech development required )


  • Complete Application with full functionality.
  • Build on PhoneGap, Cordova & Framework7.
  • Mobile & Tablet Ready.
  • PhoneGap build ready.
  • 8 Color Schemes.
  • Android Home Icon & Splash Screen.
  • Easy installation, detailed quick start guide
  • Free updates: Continuous updates based on user’s interests.




Adobe PhoneGap Build

PhoneGap Build is a cloud-based service built on top of the PhoneGap framework. It allows you to easily build those same mobile apps in the cloud. Simply upload your web assets – a ZIP file of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or a single index.html file – to PhoneGap Build. Then we’ll undertake the compilation and packaging for you. In minutes, you’ll receive the download URLs for all mobile platforms.


Android 4.1+



Download APK


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