Easy Steps To Speed ​​Up A Computer


At times, every computer user wishes that he could get his computer to speed up because he's frustrated with the loading times. We all know that after a certain amount of time, every computer starts getting slow. How can you solve this? How can you make your computer speed up? That's what we're about to find in this article.

Not many of you would actually know what happens with your computer that makes it slow. As you use your computer, surf the Internet, download files and use programs, etc, the computer gets its share of unwanted programs, cookies, cache, etc. Every installation of a program writes to the registry of the computer which also contributes to it slowing down as the registry gets "overloaded." Here, time to time, you have to a "cleanup."

There is no shortage of good cleanup programs on the market. Depending on what exactly the problem is, you may get an anti-virus or an anti-spyware program. FixCleaner is one of those. What it does is very simple: it removes all the junk files, repairs the registry (as discussed above), cleans your cache and cookies, etc. You may read my FixCleaner review here.

There are other steps that a normal user can try himself. To start with, you should try and remove all those unnecessary programs that load when your computer starts up. Remove all those software that you do not use repeatedly. Do a desktop cleanup and remove all the shortcuts to all those programs that you do not use repeatedly. All this will make your computer load faster, at the very least.

Another option would be to try defragmenting your computer's hard drive. Usually, it will not need a lot to speed your computer up. You can not ever rule out the worst case scenario though. That literally makes you want to pull your hair out. The next few paragraphs will tell you what to do in case you experience the worst case.

In that case, you should try restoring your computer to a point in the past where it was working to your liking. It has been seen quite a few times that some computer programs slow the entire system down. Restoring can help solve that problem. In the rare case that even restoring does not work, the last resort would be a fresh install of the OS you're using.

Do not forget to back up your data. If you need some help, look for some recommendations or call the store where you bought the computer from. If nothing else works, go and purchase a new computer.


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