EasyView – Android WebView App


EasyView – Android WebView App

EasyView is an Android application that helps to create personalized applications based on mobile websites easily.

3 versions

In package included:

  • EasyView no Admob version
  • EasyView old Android SDK Admob version
  • EasyView new Google Mobile Ads SDK version

New Admob Ready

Upgraded to the Google Play version of the Mobile Ads SDK

Main Features

  • Splash Screen
  • Top tool bar (on / off) with Home and Share Icon
  • Options menu
    • Rate
    • Refresh
    • Exit
  • Share via Dialog
  • JavaScript Enable
  • Cache Enable
  • Javascript Alerts (Alert, Confirm, Promt)
  • One touch Call, Send SMS and Share
  • Html5 audio/video and youtube
  • Focus on Touch
  • MP3, MP4 and 3gp open with default media player
  • Image zoom with Webview control
  • Custom load background image
  • Google Viewer: ”.pdf”, ”.txt”, ”.doc”, ”.docx”, ”.xls”, ”.xlsx”, ”.ppt”, ”.pptx”, ”.pages”, ”.ai”, ”.psd”, ”.tiff”, ”.dxf”, ”.svg”, ”.eps”, ”.ps”, ”.ttf”, ”.xps”, ”.zip”, ”.rar”
  • Custom Error page
  • Admob (on / off)
  • Download mp4, mp3 Pdf and other
  • On change orientation don’t reload
  • Package included file for Android Studio

How to create your own app in 5 minutes?

– Open App’s source in Eclipse.

– Open ‘res/values/strings.xml’ file.

– Modify Application’s name and base url to your mobile website.

That’s all! Now you have your own working Android application. For further modification tips, read documentation.

Video Tutorial

1.Import the Project in Eclipse
3.Install new vesion of Easyview with google ads

Test the App on your mobile (version 1.4)

QR Code

Download App to test (version 1.4)



Version 1.4 – September 18, 2014

-Ready new Admob Google Play version

Version 1.3 – January 20, 2014

- Added file download (mp3, mp4, pdf...)
- On change orientation don't reload
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.2 – December 13, 2013

- Added open function for MP3, MP4 and 3gp with default media player
- Added Google viewer option for files with format of ".pdf", ".txt", ".doc", ".docx", ".xls", ".xlsx", ".ppt", ".pptx", ".pages", ".ai", ".psd", ".tiff", ".dxf", ".svg", ".eps", ".ps", ".ttf", ".xps", ".zip", ".rar" 

Version 1.1 – December 11, 2013

- Added AdMob
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version 1.0 – December 10, 2013

- Initial release


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