Enjoy Physics With Gravity Games

Physics games are a great way to experiment some of the laws of physics and have fun at the same time. Gravity games are physics-based games in which you have to use or even defy gravity in order to reach the gold of each game. Here are a couple of gravity physics-based games that you can enjoy for both fun and learning.

In Gravity Master, you are given a black ball which you need to use in order to collect rotating circles. The aim of the game is for you to get the black ball moving using gravity by freely drawing shapes with your mouse that will get the ball moving. You have to go through 15 levels in order to be able to design levels of your own. The only limit is your imagination!

Negative Mass is a jump-and-run type of game in which you use the laws of physics or defy them in order to safely guide your character through various levels and a couple of complex challenges.

Gravity Shift is another gravity-based physics game in which you have to match bricks of the same color by shifting gravity around them. You can even use a track-pad to shift gravity besides your keyboard’s arrow keys.

Desktop Gravity is a puzzle game in which you get to bend plasma balls and bounce them off objects by the use of various gravity generating devices which range from low to high in gravity levels. The game requires lots of practice but it’s very challenging and entertaining.

If you enjoyed the above games, you can play more than 200 physics-based games in your web browser.

Source by Bob E Jones

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