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Tested with WordPress 4.9

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Everest Counter is a perfect plugin if you want to showcase statistics values of :

  1. Your achievements (x awards won, x projects completed, x years of excellence etc).
  2. Your team strength / excellence (x top managers, x line managers, x country directors)
  3. Your store / business strength in numbers(x branches, x Service centers, x customer support centers etc)
  4. Your product ranges (x Type 1 products, x type 2 products, x type 3 products)
  5. Your process (x days of development cycle, x round of testing)

And any other your key business statistics which empowers your brand and increases your business value.

Now, showcase your key business statistics in our 15 stunning beautiful layout including image/ video background.

No coding needed! Just 5 minutes setup and configuration! Works perfectly with all ‘well coded’ themes!

Grab your copy now!


  • 15 different layout to choose
  • No of column display settings – mobile, tablet, desktops
  • Background settings – background color, background image, background videos – youtube, viemo, html5 supports. Parallax enable options, Overlay options

    Background Settings

  • Column configuration settings
  • Create unlimted stat counter
  • Stat counter consist of icon, count number, title & subtitle and clickable link. Options to configure font family, font size and font color for each section.

    Item elements

  • Icon supports – Fontawesome icons, dashicons, genericons
  • Stat count can be rearranged as per need.

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Constant Free Upgrades

– Not fixed on dates, but we assure you to provide you new updates and feature upgrade in the plugin at regular basis.

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Update logs

Version 1.0.3(8th Feb 2018)
- Done the bug fixings for the error occurring by including Mobile_Detect file in shortcode file.

Version 1.0.2 (23rd Nov 2017)
- Fixed the small bug appearing for the YouTube link missing for display settings.
- Updated the wp-color-picker alpha js to latest version 2.1.2
- Fixed the CSS issue appearing for the color picker after update of the color-picker-alpha js
Version 1.0.1 (30th August 2017)
- Added the feature to enter the counter value prefix and suffix values.
- Allowed to enter the formatted number for the count values.
- Done CSS fixes for all template.

Version 1.0.0 (4th August 2017)
- Inital release of a plugin

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