Everybody Can Learn to Play the Piano With the Yamaha YPG 625 Keyboard


The Yamaha YPG 625 keyboard has a new voice technology and this has attracted the masses towards it. This keyboard debuted in the year 2006. This is a portable keyboard which is better than its predecessors. Before this the DGX keyboards were available, the YPG replaced the DGX with its brand new features.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it has 88 keys for different actions. The 88 key keyboard is a first for the Yamaha brand at this price. The piano has a real acoustic feel to it. New and debut piano players will be guided with all the features of the keyboard.

It is a lot better than light weighted keyboards. The Yamaha YPG 625 also has a 6 track sequencer. If you have a hidden composer or arranger within you then the sequencer on this keyboard will be extremely helpful. It also has polyphony of 32 notes.

This keyboard also has an authentic piano touch. In the lower end it is quite heavy and it gets lighter in the higher portion. Another good quality of the keyboard is that it is very responsive. It also has a built in recorder and it works really well and is easy to use.

Another great feature is the education suite that is presented by Yamaha itself from within the keyboard. It also has USB connectivity which is ideal for transferring files to and from a PC or laptop.

The keyboard also comes with a wooden stand, power adapter as well as a sustain pedal. The Yamaha YPG 625 has another great feature. It has almost 500 instrument voices that are realistic and has a song arranger which is quite easy to handle.


Source by Mike Shaw

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