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Evo Slider Pro – jQuery Slideshow & Content Slider Plugin


Evo Slider is an all in one jQuery slider that lets you create any type of content slider and give you the flexibility to use it in a variety of ways – whether you’re building anything from an image gallery, to a banner rotator and lots of things in-between.

Evo Slider is the best, and probably last jQuery slider plugin you’ll ever need. Simple, powerful and easily customized.

Download the free lite version here:

No Images included, most image’s licenses are purchased at PhotoDune.

Content Source List:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • Dailymotion
  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • Dribbble
  • Flickr
  • Google+ / Picasa
  • Instagram


  • Multiple Layout – Multiple layout slider in one plugin.
    Simply set your slider to display in accordion, fading, or scrolling mode.
  • CSS Skinning – Build your own skin by simply editing the default skin through CSS,
    without coding any JavaScript code at all.
  • Autoplay – Slider can be set to rotate automatically at a preset time. The play button can also be set to display.
  • Touch Screen Support – Evo Slider includes touch interaction support.
    Work on smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iPad, and Android phones
  • Directional Navigation – Use previous and next arrow controls navigation to navigate between slides.
  • Bullets Navigation – Use bullets control to navigate between slides.
  • Thumbnails Carousel – You can display thumbnails carousel as a control
    navigation of the slider and scroll the carousel on mouse over.
  • Rotator List – The rotator list allow for easy navigation of your slides.
  • Mouse Navigation – Mouse wheel navigation can be enabled to allow users
    to scroll through the slides using their mouse scroll wheel.
  • Keyboard Navigation – Use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate between
  • Toggle Icon – The toggle icon of the accordion slider can be customized
    to show image or index.
  • HTML Content – You are not limited to using just images, Evo Slider gives
    you the possibility to add HTML content inside the slide.
  • Images Content – Easily create amazing photo galleries. Images can be
    loaded sequentially or using the lazy load mode.
  • Video and Embed Content – Videos, images, music players and any sort of
    media can all be placed inside the slides of Evo Slider. You can even add Flash
    content inside the slides.
  • Inner Text – Display inner text description in overlay, partial left, and
    partial right style.
  • Outer Text – Text can be set to display outside of the slides. Enable to
    place the text on the left or right.
  • Sequential Load – Loads the next image sequentially to minimize loading
    time. Lazy load mode can also be enabled.
  • Lazy load
  • Callback API – Run functions before and after animating between slides on
    your Evo Slider.
  • Public API– Controlling your Evo Slider from outside with its API. A
    fully documented API gives you control of almost every aspect of the plugin.
  • Works with Cufon and @font-face – Works with Cufon and @font-face fonts,
    making it possible to use custom fonts easily in your theme.
  • Multiple Sliders – You can setup multiple sliders on a single web page
    and skin each one differently.
  • External Linking – Evo Slider can be controlled from an HTML link
    anywhere in your document, enabling you to link directly to a slide.
  • Permalinks – Each slide can have its own permalink, enabling the slide to
    be bookmarked or linked to directly, as well as working with the browser’s
  • Unbranded – The Lite and Pro version is completely unbranded, unlike the
    other sliders, which contains a link to their website.
  • Cross-browser Support – Displays consistently across all major browsers
    including Internet Explorer.
  • Search Engine Ready – All content is easily accessible to search engine.
  • Custom Index
  • YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo support
  • Vertical controls
  • Dinamic image sizing: fullSize, fitImage, fitWidth, fitHeight

Visit Evo Slider site to get more information.

Free Skins

Evo Slider - gallerio

Evo Slider Pro History

[06/27/2013] Evo Slider Pro v2.1.4 Release.
             Fixed minor bugs.

[05/09/2013] Evo Slider Pro v2.1.3 Release.
             Fixed image scaling problems.

[12/09/2012] Evo Slider Pro v2.1.2 Release.
             Fixed minor bugs.

[11/18/2012] Evo Slider Pro v2.1.1 Release.
             Fixed minor bug on Instagram.
             Removed responsive option.

[07/06/2012] Evo Slider Pro v2.1.0 Release.
             Added addLinkToImage option.
             Added addLinkToTitle option.
             Added showReadMore option.
             Added readMoreText option.
             Added swipe option.
             Some minor improvements.

[06/20/2012] Evo Slider Pro v2.0.1 Release.
             Fixed minor bugs.

[06/04/2012] Evo Slider Pro v2.0.0 Release.
             Removed lazy load feature. Now, images will load sequentially.
             Added textMode option.
             Added numberSlides option.
             Added external option. You can load external data (XML, Dailymotion, 
             Vimeo, YouTube, Dribbble, Flickr, 
             Google+/Picasa, and Instagram) using this option.
             Added loadStart and loadFinish callback options. Run functions when 
             starts or finishes loading external data.
             Added XML support. Easily adds and updates slides content through XML 
             Added Dailymotion support. Allows you to display recent upload, favorite, 
             feature, subscription, group, channel, contest, and playlist videos from 
             Dailymotion's service.
             Added Vimeo support. Allows you to display recent upload, like, 
             user appears in, subscription, group, channel, and album videos 
             from Vimeo's service.
             Added YouTube support. Allows you to display recent upload and 
             playlist videos from YouTube's service.
             Added Dribbble support. Allows you to display user recent and 
             like shots from Dribbble's service.
             Added Flickr support. Allows you to display recent upload, favorite, 
             gallery, photoset, and group photos from Yahoo's Flickr service.
             Added Google+ / Picasa support. Allows you to display recent upload 
             and album photos from Google+ / Picasa's service.
             Added Instagram support. Allows you to display user recent and liked 
             photos from Instagram's service.

[05/02/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.4.0 Release.
             Thumbnail now loads from each video provider (YouTube, Vimeo and 

[04/26/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.3.0 Release.
             Improved lazy load feature. Now the next image in the sequence 
             is automatically preloaded.
             Added video support for the Dailymotion video URLs.
             Added dailymotion, vimeo and youtube options for setting custom 
             player parameters for each provider.
             Some minor bug fixes.

[04/16/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.2.0 Release.
             Fixed bug on the title bar index (accordion).
             Added imageScale option for defining how the main image will be scalled 
             inside it's container.
             Added custom HTML5 data attribute for setting image scale option 
             individually. See implementation instructions in the Guides section 
             of the documentation.

[04/06/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.1.0 Release.
             Some minor performance improvements and bug fixes.
             Removed "paddingRight" option.
             Added "responsive" option.
             Support responsive layout.
             Updated documentation.

[03/30/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.0.2 Release.
             Some minor performance improvements.
             Support old jQuery library.

[03/29/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.0.1 Release.
             Some minor performance improvements and bug fixes.
             Added "customIndex" option (Pro).
             Updated documentation.

[03/26/2012] Evo Slider Pro v1.0.0 Release.

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