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With Expo360° you take showcasing products on your website to the next level. Your customer not only gets a better look and feel of the product that you are presenting, it also is a cool feature on your website that will blow everyone away!

Next generation 360° product viewer

Opposite to existing 360° viewers available online, this viewer doesn’t use Flash and offers great interaction on mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone. What makes it even more unique is the extensive set of configurations possible. It allows you to create a look and feel that will match your online presence perfectly.

Setting up Expo360° is easy

Just upload your set of images and the player will do the rest. A XML file let’s you tweak properties in an instant. Easily change the player’s width and height, zoom levels, controls, and so much more. Over 100 different settings allow you to create a unique player with unique interaction.


  • Uses jQuery v1.6.2;
  • Easy 360° views of your products;
  • Easily change the width and height of the viewer;
  • Loads external images;
  • 100+ XML configurations;
  • Add hotspots to show details;
  • Custom grabhand cursor;
  • Smart zoom functionality with mousewheel support;
  • Optional zoom navigation window;
  • Use as a fancy zoom/pan viewer with a single image.

Hotspot options

There are three different hotspots that you can implement:

  1. A simple hotspot with a small description and/or an external link;
  2. A hotspot opening a popup allowing you to use basic HTML;
  3. A hotspot opening a large frame covering all other content.

All types of hotspots are shown in the different examples.

Controls configuration

Much effort has gone into creating a dynamic setup of the controls. You can either make them stick besides the player or have them floating on top of it. Changing the look of the controls can be achieved by simply replacing the control graphics. Furthermore, you can choose which kind of controls you want to have in your player and add them in a modular way. Controls that you can choose between:

  • Rotation (enabling rotation of the object);
  • Pan (enabling panning of the object);
  • Left and right (rotating the object left and right);
  • Autoplay (start and pause automatic rotation of the object);
  • Zoom in/out (a one step zoom to full zoom in or full zoom out);
  • Reset (a button which will restore the object to its starting position);
  • Zoom-slider (using this slider will provide smooth zooming);
  • Playback-slider (using this slider will rotate the object);
  • Hyperlink (create a hyperlink in the menu).

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