Finding Love After 40 – Are You Doing Everything You Can To Meet Men?

Have you been in the dating scene for a while? If so you know how frustrating it can be. Meeting guys in the traditional ways are not so ideal anymore. Waiting for a friend to fix you up with someone or hoping to meet Mr. Right in a bar these days is just going to make you more frustrated. I know I have been there and I have tried it all. I refused to do the online dating sites, I thought I was just going to meet someone through friends or out in the single scenes of the New York city bars. Well I was sadly mistaken. I had already dated all of my friends friends and anyone they could find to fix me up with. I figured I was destined to be alone forever.

I refused to go to any of the online dating sites. Everyone told me that I should at least try it. I just wasn’t sure. People also suggested that I go to a personal matchmaker but I couldn’t wrap my head around spending a large sum of money and maybe still end up alone. Then one Saturday night when I was home alone and feeling sorry for myself I decided to check out the dating sites. I am not going to say it was the best thing that I ever did, but it definitely was good for me to keep an open mind about meeting men in any ways that I could. I got to the point where I was like it can’t make my situation any worse, but there were possibilities that it could help me meet a man and have the relationship that I wanted.

Once I had opened the door to the online dating sites it was like I had opened the flood gates. I joined every site I possibly could find. I became addicted to these sites. I was constantly checking them to see if I had any new emails. It became fun after a while and I went on a million and one dates. This wasn’t the way I ended up meeting my Mr. Right but it did show me that I was closing myself off to other ways I could meet men. I also contacted a personal matchmaker a friend had told me about. I had decided that if I was serious about finding a man I had to make sure I put myself out there every way I possibly could. If I wanted to find true love than I had to do anything that I could possibly do to meet men.

Dating is like looking for a job. The more resumes you send out the better your odds are of finding the right job. Well in the dating world, the more dates you go on the better your odds are of finding the right man. You have to put yourself out there any way you can. Don’t shut yourself off to things because you don’t understand them or you are scared. You should be doing the exact opposite. Open yourself up to all possibilities, try new things and be excited about them. If you are serious about finding love then you should be on at least three online sites, meet with a matchmaker (a lot of them are free for women), try personal ads and make sure everyone you associate with knows that you are looking to meet someone. You never know who someone else knows and that someone could be the love of your life!!!

Source by Meredith Rose

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