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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Even Crazier: The Maximum drawdown on this Multi-Thousand Percent Gain would have been Negligible in Comparison!

You’re about to see a system that could change the way you look at trading, forever.

A system that could care less about economic news, presidential elections, interest rates or the Federal Reserve as it strives to churn out daily profits. Of course, like any trading system, it could also incur losses, but you’re going to love this! Read on…

Over the next few minutes, I am going to show you a trading solution that is designed to do two incredible things:

Now, I know that sounds like a bold claim.

But when you understand what we’ve developed, you’ll have no choice but to agree with me.

I’ll prove it to you…

For decades, people have asked a simple, intelligent question without a good answer:

Shouldn’t it be possible to combine lots of systems in order to create one potentially extremely profitable, consistent and reliable system?

See, the standard rule in trading is “If you want to make more you have to risk more” and that makes perfect sense…

But we all want a better way. An opportunity to make aggressive returns without blind risk…

And that’s when people got to thinking:

There are these “safe” systems out there.

You know, the boring ones that your friends use that could return 5 to 8 percent per year and almost never have significant downturns.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

That kind of ROI is of no interest to a trader… But why can’t we combine a whole bunch of these systems?

If 5 different systems make 5-8 percent each and you trade them all at once, shouldn’t you make 25-40 percent with virtually the same risk on each component?

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

In fact, shouldn’t your risk actually be lower because, in the rare instance that one system loses, you might be trading 4 others to make up for it?

And if that IS the case, what about adding 10 systems together?

And then what about compounding the returns?

If 10 systems would total 72 percent annually, that means they’d average about 6 percent per month.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

But when running all together it’s hypothetically possible to compound the gains each month which can then be far more profitable.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Now, you have a system where a trader can double their money in a year!

Not only that, but with that amount of stability and all the systems trading all the time, there might have winning trades virtually every day! Of course you could have losing trades as well as this is part of trading.  However the idea is to have enough trades to where the losses become relatively insignificant in light of the gains.

If one system had a bad week or a bad month, there would be 9 other systems that could eliminate your losses and smooth out your gains!

But there’s a huge problem…

Combining system isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Adding several mutual funds together doesn’t get the combined results you’d hope.

Even several profitable stock trading strategies won’t create this powerful affect.

You see, ordinarily, you’d need massive amounts of money to do that.

That’s why the only systems that can actually achieve what we’re talking about are hedge funds…

They have hundreds of billions of dollars to apply different strategies!

And even with a multitude of full time traders, each in control of millions of dollars…

When the stock market goes down or surprising news comes out, the entire fund can still take massive hits.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

Even in this hedge fund atmosphere…with hundreds of expert, full time traders… and with billions of dollars… the gains are not as big as we’d like and the protection is limited.

There’s got to be a better way!

In my opinion, the first key is that each strategy needs to be completely independent (I’ll explain a bit more about this in a moment…)

And, more importantly, a trader needs to be able to use the same funds for all the different systems.

After all, most of us don’t have 7 or 8 figures of free cash lying around.

With a typical hedge fund set up, there would be an “allotment” for each strategy or trader,

By the time you combined 10 systems, you would need hundreds of millions of dollars…

Obviously, retail traders don’t have the kind of volume…

That’s the beauty of my Mini Hedge Fund Trader.

We use this in the Forex Market and we can have one account with multiple strategies running all at the same time.

When a trade opportunity presents itself on any of the strategies, the position is executed with whatever risk guidelines the trader sets up (don’t worry, I will share my default choices with you).

But it gets even better…

See, with most systems, one bad situation can affect the entire system.

That’s because they typically use the same strategy on multiple instruments…

So if the strategy is susceptible to certain conditions and those conditions occur, it will hurt all the systems at the same time.

And that really defeats the purpose of a multi-strategy solution.

But the Mini Hedge Fund Trader is uniquely built.

We don’t just trade the same strategy on lots of instruments–that would just increase risk.

Instead, I’ve spent years programming uniquely independent, potentially profitable systems that dynamically combine together for incredible results.

And it’s not just 5 or even 10 strategies…

These are 15 uniquely programmed strategies. All running independently.

If one is negatively impacted by market news or a certain condition, it’s likely that at least some of the other 14 are thriving to make up for that period of time where one is struggling. However, no one can really predict the future.

If a major reversal happens in a market unexpectedly, it could hurt a strategy trading with the trend. But the other strategies looking for that reversal could take full advantage!

That’s the power of the Mini Hedge Fund Trader.

It averages over 100 trades EVERY month which is why our hypothetical equity curve is so smooth and profit potential so high!

But let’s be honest for a second…

A winning strategy is only half the battle.

Even 15 proven winning strategies won’t make you money without proper execution.

That’s why so many banks and institutions have focused almost solely on automated solutions.

They figure that empirical data with pristine execution is the way to make consistent returns in the markets.

If you’ve been a trader for any length of time, you understand why…

It’s easy to get bored staring at charts and start over-trading.

We’re traders! We want in on the action!

But that usually leads to bad results…

The Mini Hedge Fund Trader is 100% automated.

Each strategy within this system is programmed from the ground up to execute higher-probability trades at the right time.

That’s why the hypothetical track record is so impressive…

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

There are no mistakes here.

If you’ve tried automated systems before, you know that almost every one out there is complete junk…

The list of reasons for why many of these programs fail miserably is a mile long.

In my opinion, at the end of the day, it all boils down to one thing…

The skill and track record of the system designer.

Well, not to brag, but I’ve been at this for a long time.

I first began trading in the 90’s and quickly realized that the #1 reason most traders are not successful is over-leverage and lack of execution…

They think they need to risk most of their account on one trade or need a new gimmick or trick to beat the market. But we believe a better approach is to take smaller trades on many different high-quality systems.

I began building my own systems in the early 2000’s. And over the last two decades I have designed A LOT trading systems.

My programs have been traded for years by individuals and even brokerage firms trading LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY collectively.

And yes, I am absolutely running the Mini Hedge Fund Trader on my own LIVE account so I myself have a vested interest in its success! I’m constantly monitoring and tracking the live results and if for any reason one or more of the 15 systems starts to fail I can seamlessly replace it with a new one that I think is better and add it back into the collective, and you don’t have to do a thing.. it’s all done for you in the background. If I do, I will notify you by email before any changes.

This isn’t a gimmick or a way to make a quick buck for me…

This is the result of years of hard work of automated trading system development.

And, as my business partner will tell you, I have been eagerly waiting to make it available to retail traders like you…

Frankly, I can’t wait to hear about the results people are achieving with my system.

Since I built this with you in mind, I’ve made it incredibly simple to take advantage of…

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

You can even customize which systems you want to run, see which trades are open live at any moment and how profitable they are and adjust your risk and sizing as you see fit

My Quick Start guide will break down this process fully with images and examples for each step so you can get up and running in minutes.

Not only do you get full control of the system if you don’t wish to use the default settings, but you can even plug it into a demo account to watch it in action before you ever invest a dime of live money on it.

By now, you’re probably wondering what it’s going to cost to get your hands on a system that’s actually the real deal.

And, to be honest, I did have thoughts of creating a very exclusive group for this and charging several thousand dollars.

It’s easily worth 3-5 thousand dollars given the incredible returns I believe it’s capable of making in such a short period of time.

And I’ve invested countless hours of my own time and countless dollars in getting up and ready

I’ve also entertained the idea of breaking out the 15 systems individually.

I mean, they can each stand on their own. Each one has shown significantly profitable emulated results as its own system.

And, as an entrepreneur, I’d make a lot more money selling them individually…

But that’s not my mission.

I am happy to make an additional stream of income by opening this system to the public at a very reasonable investment because my ultimate goal is to show traders that automated trading really can work when you build a system right.

And to help people who have struggled with everything else they’ve tried to finally get the results they deserve.

So I am not going to charge 5 thousand dollars for my system.

I want it to be a no brainer.

And if you have been looking for a real solution I want it to be incredibly easy for you to say yes to the Mini Hedge Fund Trader.

Once you see the power of the system, I think you’ll feel incredibly blessed that you were able to take advantage of this price.

And because I know that there are a lot of sketchy things in the trading industry, I am including a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the results you’re seeing, just let us know and we’ll happily refund 100% of your purchase price.

I was serious when I said this is about helping traders see great results!

So I won’t hesitate to “Buy it Back” from you if, for whatever reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your new system’s performance.

You’ve seen the incredible possibilities of the Mini Hedge Fund Trader…

It took me years of experience to be able to create 15 different systems that work together in this way

And now, in an instant, you can take advantage of all of it!

Just click the button below to get access.

Once you do, we’ll send you the secure file to download the Mini Hedge Fund Trader.

Remember if you’re not completely satisfied you can cancel at any time with no long-term obligation.

I can’t wait to start trading together!

Just click the button below and we’ll get started…

By purchasing the Mini Hedge Fund Trader, I confirm that I understand, AGREE to and accept the risk disclosure and terms and conditions. I also understand I am entitled to a FULL refund of my purchase in accordance with the Clickbank Cancellation and Refund Policy

These results are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. Unlike the results shown in an actual performance record, these results do not represent actual trading. Also, because these trades have not actually been executed, these results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity. Simulated or hypothetical trading programs in general are also subject to the fact that they are designed with the benefit of hindsight. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.

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The risk of loss in trading commodity futures contracts can be substantial. You should, therefore, carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources. You should be aware of the following points:

(1) You may sustain a total loss of the funds that you deposit with your broker to establish or maintain a position in the commodity futures market, and you may incur losses beyond these amounts. If the market moves against your position, you may be called upon by your broker to deposit a substantial amount of additional margin funds, on short notice, in order to maintain your position. If you do not provide the required funds within the time required by your broker, your position may be liquidated at a loss, and you will be liable for any resulting deficit in your account.

(2) The funds you deposit with a futures commission merchant for trading futures positions are not protected by insurance in the event of the bankruptcy or insolvency of the futures commission merchant, or in the event your funds are misappropriated.

(3) The funds you deposit with a futures commission merchant for trading futures positions are not protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation even if the futures commission merchant is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a broker or dealer.

(4) The funds you deposit with a futures commission merchant are generally not guaranteed or insured by a derivatives clearing organization in the event of the bankruptcy or insolvency of the futures commission merchant, or if the futures commission merchant is otherwise unable to refund your funds. Certain derivatives clearing organizations, however, may have programs that provide limited insurance to customers. You should inquire of your futures commission merchant whether your funds will be insured by a derivatives clearing organization and you should understand the benefits and limitations of such insurance programs.

(5) The funds you deposit with a futures commission merchant are not held by the futures commission merchant in a separate account for your individual benefit. Futures commission merchants commingle the funds received from customers in one or more accounts and you may be exposed to losses incurred by other customers if the futures commission merchant does not have sufficient capital to cover such other customers’ trading losses.

(6) The funds you deposit with a futures commission merchant may be invested by the futures commission merchant in certain types of financial instruments that have been approved by the Commission for the purpose of such investments. Permitted investments are listed in  Commission Regulation 1.25 and include: U.S. government securities; municipal securities; money market mutual funds; and certain corporate notes and bonds. The futures commission merchant may retain the interest and other earnings realized from its investment of customer funds. You should be familiar with the types of financial instruments that a futures commission merchant may invest customer funds in.

(7) Futures commission merchants are permitted to deposit customer funds with affiliated entities, such as affiliated banks, securities brokers or dealers, or foreign brokers. You should inquire as to whether your futures commission merchant deposits funds with affiliates and assess whether such deposits by the futures commission merchant with its affiliates increases the risks to your funds.

(8) You should consult your futures commission merchant concerning the nature of the protections available to safeguard funds or property deposited for your account. (9) Under certain market conditions, you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, when the market reaches a daily price fluctuation limit (“limit move”).

(10) All futures positions involve risk, and a “spread” position may not be less risky than an outright “long” or “short” position.

(11) The high degree of leverage (gearing) that is often obtainable in futures trading because the small margin requirements can work against you as well as for you. Leverage (gearing) can lead to large losses as well as gains.

(12) In addition to the risks noted in the paragraphs enumerated above, you should be familiar with the futures commission merchant you select to entrust your funds for trading futures positions. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission requires each futures commission merchant to make publicly available on its Web site firm specific disclosures and financial information to assist you with your assessment and selection of a futures commission merchant. Information regarding this futures commission merchant may be obtained by visiting our Web site, [Web site address].

(13) Transactions in options carry a high degree of risk. Purchasers and seller of options should familiarize themselves with the type of option (i.e., put or call) which they contemplate trading and the associated risks. You should calculate the extent to which the value of the options must increase for your position to become profitable, taking into account the premium and all transaction costs.

(14) The purchaser of options may offset or exercise the options or allow the options to expire. The exercise of an option results either in a cash settlement or in the purchaser acquiring or delivering the underlying interest. If the option is on a future, the purchaser will acquire a futures position with associated liabilities for margin (see the section on Futures above). If the purchased options expire worthless, you will suffer a total loss of your investment which will consist of the option premium plus transaction costs. If you are contemplating purchasing deep-out-of-the-money options, you should be aware that the chance of such options becoming profitable is ordinarily remote.

(15) Selling (‘writing’ or ‘granting’) an option generally entails considerably greater risk than purchasing options. Although the premium received by the seller is fixed, the seller may sustain a loss well in excess of that amount. The seller will be liable for additional margin to maintain the position if the market moves unfavorably. The seller will also be exposed to the risk of the purchaser exercising the option and the seller will be obligated to either settle the option in cash or to acquire or deliver the underlying interest. If the option is on a future, the seller will acquire a position in a future with associated liabilities for margin (see the section on Futures above). If the position is ‘covered’ by the seller holding a corresponding position in the underlying interest or a future or another option, the risk may be reduced. If the option is not covered, the risk of loss can be unlimited.

(16) Certain exchanges in some jurisdictions permit deferred payment of the option premium, exposing the purchaser to liability for margin payments not exceeding the amount of the premium. The purchaser is still subject to the risk of losing the premium and transaction costs. When the option is exercised or expires, the purchaser is responsible for any unpaid premium outstanding at that time.


Terms and conditions of contracts

(17) You should ask the firm with which you deal about the term and conditions of the specific futures or options which you are trading and associated obligations (e.g., the circumstances under which you may become obligated to make or take delivery of the underlying interest of a futures contract and, in respect of options, expiration dates and restrictions on the time for exercise). Under certain circumstances the specifications of outstanding contracts (including the exercise price of an option) may be modified by the exchange or clearing house to reflect changes in the underlying interest.

Suspension or restriction of trading and pricing relationships

(18) Market conditions (e.g., illiquidity) and/or the operation of the rules of certain markets (e.g., the suspension of trading in any contract or contract month because of price limits or ‘circuit breakers’) may increase the risk of loss by making it difficult or impossible to effect transactions or liquidate/offset positions. If you have sold options, this may increase the risk of loss.

(19) Further, normal pricing relationships between the underlying interest and the future, and the underlying interest and the option may not exist. This can occur when, for example, the futures contract underlying the option is subject to price limits while the option is not. The absence of an underlying reference price may make it difficult to judge ‘fair’ value.

Deposited cash and property

(20) You should familiarize yourself with the protections accorded money or other property you deposit for domestic and foreign transactions, particularly in the event of a firm insolvency or bankruptcy. The extent to which you may recover your money or property may be governed by specified legislation or local rules. In some jurisdictions, property which has been specifically identifiable as your own will be pro-rated in the same manner as cash for purposes of distribution in the event of a shortfall.

Commission and other charges

(21) Before you begin to trade, you should obtain a clear explanation of all commission, fees and other charges for which you will be liable. These charges will affect your net profit (if any) or increase your loss.

(22) The profit or loss in transactions in foreign currency-denominated contracts (whether they are traded in your own or another jurisdiction) will be affected by fluctuations in currency rates where there is a need to convert from the currency denomination of the contract to another currency.

(23) Most open-outcry and electronic trading facilities are supported by computer based component systems for the order-routing, execution, matching, registration or clearing of trades. As with all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary disruption or failure. Your ability to recover certain losses may be subject to limits on liability imposed by the system provider, the market, the clearing house and/or member firms. Such limits may vary; you should ask the firm with which you deal for details in this respect.

(24) Trading on an electronic trading system may differ not only from trading in an open outcry market but also from trading on other electronic trading systems. If you undertake transactions on an electronic trading system, you will be exposed to risk associated with the system including the failure of hardware and software. The result of any system failure may be that your order is either not executed according to your instructions or is not executed at all.

Off-exchange transactions

(25) In some jurisdictions, and only then in restricted circumstances, firms are permitted to effect off-exchange transactions. The firm with which you deal may be acting as your counterparty to the transaction. It may be difficult or impossible to liquidate an existing position, to assess the value, to determine a fair price or to assess the exposure to risk. For these reasons, these transactions may involve increased risks. Off-exchange transactions may be less regulated or subject to a separate regulatory regime. Before you undertake such transactions, you should familiarize yourself with applicable rules and attendant risks.


(26) Foreign futures transactions involve executing and clearing trades on a foreign exchange. This is the case even if the foreign exchange is formally “linked” to a domestic exchange, whereby a trade executed on one exchange liquidates or establishes a position on the other exchange. No domestic organization regulates the activities of a foreign exchange, including the execution, delivery, and clearing of transactions on such an exchange, and no domestic regulator has the power to compel enforcement of the rules of the foreign exchange or the laws of the foreign country. Moreover, such laws or regulations will vary depending on the foreign country in which the transaction occurs. For these reasons, customers who trade on foreign exchanges may not be afforded certain of the protections which apply to domestic transactions, including the right to use domestic alternative dispute resolution procedures. In particular, funds received from customers to margin foreign futures transactions may not be provided the same protections as funds received to margin futures transactions on domestic exchanges. Before you trade, you should familiarize yourself with the foreign rules which will apply to your particular transaction.

(27) Finally, you should be aware that the price of any foreign futures or option contract and, therefore, the potential profit and loss resulting therefrom may be affected by any fluctuation in the foreign exchange rate between the time the order is placed and the foreign futures contract is liquidated or the foreign option contract is liquidated or exercised.


There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Forex Plug and Play and all individuals affiliated with this site assume no responsibilities for your trading and investment results. The indicators, strategies, columns, articles and all other features are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice. Information for any trading observations are obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy, or warrant any results from the use of the information. Your use of the trading observations is entirely at your own risk and it is your sole responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information. By downloading this book your information may be shared with our educational partners. You must assess the risk of any trade with your broker and make your own independent decisions regarding any securities mentioned herein. Affiliates of Forex Plug and Play may have a position or effect transactions in the securities described herein (or options thereon) and/or otherwise employ trading strategies that may be consistent or inconsistent with the provided strategies.

Click here to get Forex Plug and Play: Sales Page at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Forex Plug and Play: Sales Page is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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