Fujifilm FinePix x10 Point & Shoot Camera(Black)

With an exterior inspired by old-school cameras and interiors that house the latest technology, this point and shoot camera is feature-packed. Belonging to Fujifilm’s X series of stylish point and shoot cameras, the X10 is a perfect buy for photography enthusiast. The Fujifilm X10 digital camera has a focal length of 7.1 – 28.4 mm, which translates to a 35 mm equivalent of 28 – 112 mm. This camera is fitted with a Fujinon optical zoom lens that can zoom up to 4x. You can manually control this zoom to suit your requirements, a luxury offered by few point and shoot cameras. To meet that extra distance, you can use the camera’s 2x digital zoom and bring your subjects closer. The EXR CMOS sensor of this camera from Fujifilm lets you take impressive images at 12.0 megapixels. Mighty sophisticated with its elegant design, this slim and compact digital camera is a classy companion. Retro to look at and modern to use, the Fujifilm X10 digital camera combines the best of both ages. The back panel houses several direct control buttons and is neatly designed to give your digits ample room to move. On the top panel, you will find a mode dial, exposure compensation dial, function button and the all-important shutter release. The front panel also holds a switch to change focus modes. Weighing only 350 g, this point and shoot camera fits with ease in your bag or purse. You can also record your memories in high quality, thanks to the Full HD video recording capability of this digital camera. Your videos are recorded at a resolution of 1280 x 1080 pixel (30 fps). This compact camera runs on the high-performing EXR processor. The X10 camera is equipped with an optical viewfinder that helps you take images with higher precision. Alternatively, you can also compose images and video on Live View using the 2.8 inch TFT color LCD screen with a resolution of 460,000 dots. Battery and Storage For optimal storage of your captures, you can use SD, SDHC or SDXC (UHS-I) memory card. The Fujifilm X10 functions on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can shoot up to 640 images in LCD Off mode and 270 images in LCD On mode. You can retrieve memories from your retro photography companion by simply connecting the X10 camera to a laptop or PC via high-speed USB 2.0 port. You can also view those rich images and videos on a big screen HDTV. All you have to do is link the camera to the television set via HDMI mini connector. Performance The aperture range of this point and shoot camera is f/2.0 (W) – f/2.8 (T). To give you grain-free images even in dim light scenarios, the Fujifilm X10 digital compact camera has a wide light sensitivity range of ISO 100 – 12800. This camera has a shutter speed range of 1/4 – 1/4000 seconds in Auto mode, while in other modes the speed range is 30 – 1/4000 seconds. This Fujifilm X10 camera is armed with a built-in flash that has a range of 30 cm – 7 m (W) and 50 cm – 5 m (T), giving you bright pictures even in poor light. This camera uses TTL contrast auto focus system to give you sharp images always. The Fujifilm X10 digital camera has the ability to let you focus manually, giving you ample creative freedom. In Normal mode, you can focus from 50 cm (W) and 80 cm (T) onwards, while in Macro mode you can focus in the range of 10 cm – 3 m (W) and 50 cm – 3 m (T). When required, you can also use the Super Macro mode that focuses in the range of 1 cm – 1 m. Features This Fujifilm X10 digital camera lets you explore several shooting modes like Fireworks, Sunset, Snow, Beach, Party, Text and more. You no longer have to worry about blurry images as this Fujifilm point and shoot camera has a lens-shift image stabilizer that compensates for any unwanted fuzziness. This camera also has Face Recognition feature that lets you pre-tag faces that the camera will detect and identify henceforth. You can join your family and friends in memorable group photographs by using the self-timer feature, which can delay the shutter release by 2 or 10 seconds. To capture every second of a fast-paced action sequence, choose the Continuous Shooting mode that shoots up to 10 fps in Super High.

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