Full CSS3 Tooltip


This item is mainly targeted to show some of the powerful contributions of CSS3 .
It uses several new CSS3 additions like transitions, transformations, opacity, shadows …


  • Pure CSS3
  • Fully and easily customizable
  • Tooltips can contain what you want (HTML, images …)
  • Three themes are included (dark, light, blue)
  • Very easy to use (please take a look at “How to use it” section to see how simple it is)
  • Same render on unsupported browsers (only the animation is not displayed ; Look at the video to see the result in IE8 )

How to use it

<a href=”#”>Link</a><span>Content of the tooltip with HTML </span>

In this item, we use an “a” element associated with a “span” element, but you can use any of HTML elements (it is explained in ReadMe file with an example).

Compatible browsers

This item works with the following browsers :

  • Firefox 4+
  • IE10 (Preview)
  • Opera 10.50+
  • Safari
  • Chrome

NOTE : This item is also compatible with IE7 , IE8 and IE9 but without animations.


# 1.0.1 (March 10th)

  • Added IE7 compatibility
  • Fix transparency problem
  • Use Microsoft Matrix filter for the transform property
  • Use Microsoft BasicImage filter for the rotate property


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