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You wants to have a WordPress mobile app for your WordPress site with many beautiful layouts and awesome features such as List layout, Feature post, Article, OneSignal push notification, Google Admob… and much more.
Let gikApp for WordPress helps you to do that and save you time up to 100 hours. gikApp for WordPress is an awesome React Native WordPress app that design to help you will turn your WordPress site into an app for android and iOS. We know WordPress, React Native and we know the best ways to get your custom content into an app.

This application useful for

  • Outsourcing Agencies
  • WordPress Developers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Javascript Developers

If you are an agency or freelancer who want to make apps for your clients faster, this is for you. Produce high quality and customize as much as you want.

Outstanding Documentation & Community Support

Download free trial before you buy (Android version)

Tons of features for you

Google Admob


One more thing, CROSS-PLATFORM available. 1 source code, iOS and Android available.

Video Documentation & Demo

Wondering if it’s easy to follow? Not sure if you can do that?. Watch the videos instruction here, it just take you 3 minutes to BUILD YOUR OWN APP

This UI Theme in this App does not fit you?

There’re more than 20+ different REACT NATIVE FULL Themes more, just for your need!!

Change log

version 3.2.3 (14 June 18):
- Hot fix: the issue "use of undeclared identifier RCTI18nUtil" 

version 3.2.2 (11 June 18):
- Fixed RTL issue
- Fixed Side Menu issue (can't run app)
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.2.1 (25 May 18):
- Fixed Custom Post Type Detail
- Fixed navigation issue
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.2 (19 May 18):
- Add Custom Post Types
- Fixed "Back" button issue on Android
- Fixed small UI issues

version 3.1 (05 May 18):
- Remove all Shopify features in order to focus to improve WordPress integration features better 
→ please choose TechStore - React Native eCommerce Mobile App for Shopify  instead of this.
- Redesign Blog theme as default theme.
- Add new Spa service theme
- Add new Construction company theme.

version 3.0.1 (01 September 17):
- Small bug fix (Article List Scroll Horizontal not working in HomeScreen)

version 3.0 (21 Aug 17):
1. Multi layout post
2. Apply multi themes
3. Restructure source code

version 2.4 (12 July 17):
1. Add RTL feature
2. Support Multi-language

version 2.3 (10 July 17):
1. Add Admob

version 2.2 (26 June 17):
1. Update Liquid Template Package

version 2.1 (20 June 17):
1. Update OneSignal Push Notifications For Posts In WordPress 
2. Fixed "Unable to execute JS call: __fbBatchedBridge is undefined" error    
3. Update documents to support push notification.

version 2.0 (30 May 17):
1. Upgrade Latest React Native to 0.44.2 & related library 
2. Add new Theme with Shopify Full Integration Feature
3. Fixed the Bookmark page not working

version 1.3 (11 May 17):
1. Multi-platform Push Notifications Using OneSignal
2. Offline Mode
3. Small bug fix & code refactor
- react-native-navigation module in package.json

version 1.2 (05 April 17):
1. Fixed issue on Header
2. Fixed issue on TabBar
3. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.1 (01 March 17):
1. Add new Bookmark (Save for later)
2. Add new Category List Layout
3. Update Feature Post Layout
4. Small bug fix & code refactor

version 1.0 (24 February 17):
- Initial release


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