Golf Aids To Improve Your Game

There are many training aids out there to help you improve upon your golf swing. Some are very effective and others are rather silly. The ones that are worth the purchase can be determined by a simple observation: they really work. That is to say, using them will actually result in the improvement of your swing skills. As you can probably imagine it would be nearly impossible to try and account for every different swing aid available, here are some of the ones I have found to be the most effective.

Get The Right Grip Gloves

These gloves are definitely one of the easiest and cost effective tools to help you improve your golf swing. The idea behind of the gloves is to correctly place the player’s hands into the proper position on the club for a better swing. As some of you probably know, when you don’t have the correct grip or hand positioning on your club, there is no telling where that ball is going to end up.

How about a Swing Jacket

Swing jackets, you’ve probably seen them, and mistaken them for bullet proof vests. If you show up to the golf range in one of these you are likely to get plenty of attention, but in all seriousness these jackets are a great way to improve your swing. They work on the same principle as the previously mentioned gloves, they improve the alignment and posture of your entire upper body. Yes they are rather bulky, yes they may take a little bit of time to get comfortable in, yes you will be the source of a couple laughs, but they are well worth all of that in the end and will increase your swing performance immensely. Use one enough and you’ll be the one doing the laughing at your next match.

Can’t forget Putting Arcs

As much as Putting Arcs are blown off by many novice golfers, they are in fact one of the simplest ways to improve upon your putting skills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the put is any less important than any other skill, improving your putting is one of the simpler ways to have a better game. Putting arcs are wooden pieces that serve as a buffer zone between the golfer and his putter. Putting arcs are great for perfecting your alignment.

The Inside Approach Device

This device resembles those strange looking splits stretching machines you see in health clubs and gyms, but shrunken. Well, as odd as it sounds somebody found a way to use them when they applied them to their golf swing. The Inside Approach training device basically helps you to improve your golf swing by making it follow a clear path.

Wether you use one of these aids, or all, you will definitely see an improvement in your game. Find out what works best for you, talk with people that have used them, get out there, and have some fun on the course.

Source by Nicholas Sy

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