Good Vision Can Assure Nice Memory

If you want to have a good memory, you should have very good vision. As for many of us, the best way to have good vision is to relax. Stresses can lead to poor eyesight and bad mental focus. So in this sense, good inner silence and relaxation can help us to memorize things well.

Some of us may not know how to judge our eye conditions. The best way is to test our memories, for vision is greatly related with memory. The longevity that we can remember an image can tell our eye condition. In the test, we should close or cover one eye, and the other eye scan quickly a page, on which are some images. Then close our eyes, and remember these images in our minds. We should calculate the time that we can clearly remember these images. Note the time down. And then come to the other eye.

After that, we should try to relax our eyes by closing our eyes and focusing on some pleasant pictures. After that we should think nothing. Some minutes later, we should open our eyes and restart the test once more. Generally, the results got in the second round should be better that in the first one. If you have an opposite result, that means your eyes are too much stressed. And you should find some ways to relax them.

Why do we say eye sight can influence memory? This is because our visions can provide the first information of the images. The clearer an image is the longer can we remember. Still more, pleasant events and pictures can help us to relax our eyes and memorize things much clearer.

In order to relax our eyes, some eye doctors have recommended a very practical eye exercise. While lying on the bed, we should first close our eyes. Then just think of some pleasant pictures happened in the day time. More details are better. These pleasant details can help us to relax our bodies, and a sound sleep is possible. As strains can cause eyes problems and bad memory, we can get good vision and nice memories through removing stresses.

Source by Jay Furlong

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