Guidelines For Kids' TV and Computer Games – How Much is Enough?


Sometimes when life becomes hectic it can be tempting to parent through the path of least resistance. One of the "easiest" paths is allowing our kids to turn on the Television, put on a DVD, or play with a computer.

Unfortunately these "paths of least resistance" often become draining and disempowering for both parents and children. While initially there's a sense of relief of not having to engage and think – over a period of time we lose energy from a member of our family not being engaged with their home and life.

The opposite can be true when we stand firm and invite our kids to engage with life and creativity – instead of disappearing into "the box". Initially, there's effort required on both the part of the parent and child, while the child gets in touch with their inspiration. However, once engaged in a project – creates it's own momentum, and on completion gives a cause for celebration.

If you'd like to discover your child's idea schedule around TV and computers, as well as how best to implement this schedule answer the following questions:

1) How much does your child currently spend in front of the TV or computer daily?

2) What is the positive and negative consequences of this investment?

3) How much time ideally would you love your kids to spending in front of the TV / computer on a daily / weekly basis.

4) What would be the benefits in this reduction for both you and your child?

5) What must you do to implement your ideal TV / computer schedule?


Source by Dixon R Hammer

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