Hopos Post Slider – WordPress Plugin


Hopos Post Slider – WordPress Plugin

Hopos Slider Plugin is highly customizable and flexible. Is responsive and can adjust to any resolution. Can be used any post type and any taxonomy. In each post can be configured options such as video, large image, link, lightbox or target page, etc. Easy to configure, use and can be added any number of sliders. Click Live Preview to see some examples.


  • Any post type and any taxonomy;
  • Responsive;
  • Crossbrowser compatibility;
  • Tablet and mobile support;
  • Flexible and unlimited customization of styles;
  • Skin (Basic, Box, Custom);
  • Multiple instances;
  • Touch Swipe (mobile devices) / Drag (desktop);
  • Drag enable;
  • CSS3 animations / jQuery fallback;
  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), Photo, optional MP3 Audio;
  • Lightbox or target page;
  • Navigation, play/pause, previous/next;
  • Ajax shortcode settings (admin);
  • Thumbnails in any size;
  • Automatic Height;
  • Excerpt with the number of words;
  • Add shadow;
  • Order By, Order;
  • Pagination style (bullets or numbers);
  • Pagination align;
  • Auto Slide;
  • Delay Auto Slide;
  • Documentation included;

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v 1.9.7 (2 Set 2015) 
* Add option in shortcode: image_click=?true|false?
* Add multilanguage support

v 1.9.5 (25 Jun 2015) 
* Updated touch swipe script
* Fixed problem with latest versions of ios and android

v 1.9.4 (08 Apr 2015) 
* Reorder parameters in self host video/audio
* Updated touch swipe script
* Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.2 (20 Fev 2015) 
* Fixed bug on chrome/android (tag links).

v 1.9.1 (7 Fev 2015)
* Fixed bug to close lightbox with video.

v 1.9 (23 Dez 2014)
* Set to default the MediaElements library of WordPress, always updated with the latest version of WordPress.

v 1.8 (14 Aug 2014)
* Improvements for touch devices and general code
* Removed timthumb script resize

v 1.7 (28 Jul 2014)
* Improvements in the code for touch devices.

v 1.6 (02 May 2014)
* Changed css backend to conform with the new css style of WordPress.
* Added css property "box-sizing" to avoid conflict with themes that declare this property globally.

v 1.5 (12 Nov 2013)
* Fixed the the code to show video in MP4 and FLV

v 1.4 (15 Sep 2013)
* added 12 new Skins
* New field included: Extra info. Permitted use of html
* Added columns. Is possible to configure the number of columns according to the resolution
* Fixed bugs in the code
* Changed the documentation to adjust to new changes
* Added a new menu option called "Custom CSS". This page shows all the classes available for customization. It also shows an example how to use media query for different resolutions.
* Added the script "respondjs" to provide support for media query in IExporer 8 or less
* Added icons to share with social media
* Customizing the Skin has become much easier now. Is possible to customize each skin using their main class.

v 1.3 (20 Aug 2013)
* post type now accepts more than one taxonomy
* added improvements to lightbox
* added improvements to the responsive features
* some general changes in the code

v 1.2 (01 May 2013)
* added the property "-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;" to prevent blink/flicker in webkit browsers
* Added number of menu position to avoid conflict

v 1.1 (29 Apr 2013)
* added auto-size for images

v 1.0 (20 Apr 2013)
* first release


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