Hospital Shift and Patient Manager


Hospital Shift and Patient Manager is a handy app that can be used by a doctor to keep track of
his patients or a person responsible for a hospital shift.


  • Password protected
  • Add shift details
  • Add Patient details
  • View shift list and/or details
  • View week’s shifts
  • View month’s shifts
  • Sort shifts by date
  • View patient list and/or details
  • Filter shifts by day
  • View patients by shift
  • Sort patients by date
  • Sort patients by name
  • Change patient details
  • Create file with shift details
  • Create file with patient details
  • Mail file
  • Easy navigation with navigation drawer
  • Designed for mobile phones up to tablets
  • From HoneyComb up to KitKat
  • Local storage(no need for server)
  • Easy to expand
  • Photoshop files included

Well documented.
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