How Can I Control Virus Infections on My Smart Mobile Phone?


Mobile phones have certainly moved ahead in leaps and bounds. In the early days, the best mobile phone could do was to make and receive phone calls, as well as send and receive text messages. Now as we all know, most mobile phones are a suite of technology incorporating diary management, the ability to surf the web, music players and office document reading suites. Whilst the technology leap is fundamental, so too is the ability to pick up a malicious software problem called a virus on these phones.

In fact, it is just like using a normal desktop personal computer or even a laptop. You need to ensure you are surfing across safe websites, and have a suitable anti virus program to protect you from malicious software that is sometimes installed on some sites by hackers and so on. These days, it is all about protecting yourself from data problems and the best way is to ensure that you have an updated anti virus program running. Whilst there are a wide number of vendors to choose from in the computer market, the selection is a little smaller at this stage, but you can be assured the market is getting bigger daily.

However, even though smart phone use is on the increase, I recommend that you are still very cautious when it comes to surfing highly sensitive sites like banking sites and so on. On the other hand, if you only use your phone for surfing known secure sites, such as your bank, you are less likely to experience any problems. The concern arises when you surf all manner of sites, some not known as safe, and also log into your banking websites. This is where you can experience problems like phishing or skimming of your data.

Phishing is a technique where malicious data is stored on your computer, and sends you to a fake website that looks just like the original website, to capture your logging details and passwords. This is a typical problem when it comes to bank websites. The best way to deal with this problem is to always ensure you type in the whole address of your bank or other secure website, rather than using a link in an email. In addition, it is important to have an updated version of software for your mobile device.

In summary, to be safe and prevent attacks on your mobile device, ensure you are only surfing safe sites, as well as ensuring you always have updated anti virus software. I also recommend your more serious searching on the net to be done on a desktop or laptop computer where the anti virus programs are still a little more developed as well. Beside, you also have the benefit of a larger screen and better size keyboard!


Source by Marty A Cohn

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