How Can I Win My Love Back? Tips For Getting Back Together With a Lost Love

When you lose the love of your life it can be totally devastating. You might spend all your time thinking about your ex, wondering what when wrong and trying to figure out how you can get back together. The good news is that many relationships can be saved if you know what to do and can avoid some common mistakes. Let’s take a look at a couple of simple things you can be doing right now to win back a lost love.

Give them space

One of the hardest parts of breaking up is losing all communication with the other person. One day they are your best friend…the next day they won’t even speak to you.

When you love someone it can be really hard to lose this communication and to not know what they are thinking, doing or feeling. You might be tempted to try to contact them, find out what is on their mind, see how they are doing, or profess your undying love to them and beg them to come back. Don’t!

If you want to win back your love it is so important that you respect their wishes to break up and allow them the space that they need to clear their heads. If you are constantly pestering them, calling them, crying to them and trying to get them to understand how much you love them you actually are probably driving them further away and ruining your chances of ever getting back together.

Take care of yourself

Rather than focusing on your lost relationship, start focusing on yourself. Take time to do things that you enjoy. Go out with friends, take up a new hobby or revisit a hobby that you haven’t done for years.

As strange as it sounds, many times when your ex sees you happy and living life to the fullest instead of pining away over them it can actually make them want you back. Not only that, but doing things and participating in life again will help take your mind off the breakup and will help you to become a more interesting person.

Think About What Went Wrong

Relationships can end for any number of reasons. While you have some time away from your ex think about what went wrong in your relationship. Try to view it from their perspective and see if there were things that you did that may have caused them to fall out of love with you. This isn’t to say that the breakup is necessarily your fault, but if you can identify how you may have contributed to it you can start working on fixing those characteristics in yourself.

Were you attentive enough? Did you spend enough time together? Were you too needy or clingy? Too demanding? Too high-strung? Did you give up on your life goals?

If you can be honest with yourself and spot areas where you might be less than stellar as a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife you can start to work on those things and improve yourself. Not only can this help you win back a lost love, but it can also help to improve other relationships in your life with your friends and family and make you a more enjoyable person to be around.

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