How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Grab my Online Course and discover How to Travel More and Meet More People

Product Name: How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Grab my Online Course and discover How to Travel More and Meet More People

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Here I am with my georgous Italian girlfriend… but my life was not like this a few years ago..

Hi, my name is G.Walker and I’m Europe’s Honest Traveling Coach, my goal is to help you Travel More, Save More and Meet Everyone and you’re about to discover how you can do this too in just a couple of minutes.

Your future travels will be AWESOME if you really commit to this course but there are a rules you must follow to become a Traveler Superstar and not someone some arrogant jerk that travels a lot.

– (00:36) The Secret to Become a Superstar as soon as tonight!

– (01:30) How to stop giving a Fuc* about external validation and be awesome instead.

– (02:00) Learn the science of belonging to social groups and how to turn that need into attracting cool people throughout your personality.

– (03:40) The 3- second trick that turns you into the most carefreeness version of yourself for good. (This is easily worth your price of admission)

– (05:40) The revolutionary mindset to act and think like a Superstar.

– (07:20) Discover and use the truth behind every celebrity and successful people and it’s NOT what you’re thinking…

What is something that all Superstars have in common? They Travel a LOT.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have that kind of money I can help you travel on a budget and to experience similar results to Superstar trips…Right here:

– (01:35) The #1 Travel Mistake that 99% of travelers makes…and why is it going to ruin all your future travels if you don’t learn it.

– (04:50) Learn the Elite Walker’s solution to always enjoy your trip to the maximum.

– (05:40) Why do people travel? Here the 3 UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. You will never hear this anywhere else.

– (09:50) Why did so many successful people lives changed when they traveled? Here’s the reason and how you can do the same. (Works every time)

– (13:40) Steve Job’s secret to become the visionary we all know and cherish…and yes it happened in a trip.

– (14:00) The 4-Words question that you need to ask yourself in order to have an amazing trip. (It’s so mind blowing that I just don’t know how every travel blogger are sharing this yet)

If an image is worth more than 1000 words, imagine how powerful your Superstar look can become when you’ll learn how to Master it in this chapter:

– (00:50) The reason why eye contact is so important and it can’t be faked.

– (01:30) My infamous 80/60 rule for creating that Superstar eye contact connection with anyone. (Use this one ethically)

  – (03:30) How to use Leonardo Di Caprio’s Superstar look.

  – (06:40) Use this ONE simple hack that will allow you to get anyone craving for your attention. (It’s as easy as it is effective.)

 – (08:05) 3 Simple Words that will skyrocket your eye contact power anywhere you’ll go.

  – (08:40) The deadly question that gets everyone hooked in what you have to say.

 – And so much more…

Wow… who is that? How many times have you seen people thinking that just for looking to someone walking into a room or crossing the street? Learn how you can become that star in minutes:

– (00:34) The #1 trait that Superstars use to get everyone’s eyes on them as soon as they walk into a room and how you can do the same even if you’re not famous at all.

– (02:30) How to become the cool guy/girl at the party.

– (03:30) Dwayne Johnson’s 2-second physical trick to become more confident and to get everyone’s attention and respect.

– (04:40) If you’re a girl here’s your solution to stop coming off as too unconfident and afraid and how to display instant confidence and charisma instead. (It takes 3 Seconds and it will make you look like a Hollywood star)

– (07:20) The #1 thing that separates Celebrities from the “average Joes” and how to master this so you can be seen as one.

The best part of any travel for me is making friends and meeting new people and different cultures. That’s why I’ve decided to create this chapter to help you with that from the first “Hello” to the moment of goodbye.

– (00:40) How to break the ice with everyone in the world.

– (01:50) The ONE AND ONLY RIGHT WAY to use stereotypes in conversations with strangers (If you don’t this yet you better be neutral about this subject)  

– (02:30) Discover the HUGE difference between stereotypes and prejudice and how you can say whatever you want without being offensive or racist.

– (04:18) Learn the proven psychological hack for the #1 way to make friends as soon as your first speak with someone new.

 – (06:50) The awesome trick to create your own social group with only the people you want in it… Even if you don’t know them yet!

Oh…so you’re in a new country and see a group of people but you’re afraid of not having anything to say to them? Been there done that.

Here are 3 secrets that will erase those fears and worries from your mind and make your conversations memorable and carefree instead:

 – (00:10) The hidden power behind the word exotic and why you should be using it in every time you meet someone new.

– (03:48) The #! Question that you MUST ask every time you meet someone new… Especially someone foreigner.

– (05:24) How to casually get someone to desperately ask you to do something with them in future on command. (Use this ethically)

– (07:25) Want to pursue someone to go travel with you? Here is the perfect solution.

– (10:15) How to use your “International Hallo” in order to be the foreign star no matter where you’re going.

That’s right. Probably the most important trait that every superstar must have. In this chapter you will learn all about Charisma, from what it stands for up to the proven strategies that I use to improve myself each day:

– (02:44) My #1 Psychology Book who helped me get more charismatic and how to attract more people on command.

– (03:15) My powerful secret that I use everyday to get more charisma and inspiration from the world’s most successful people. (Do this 10 minutes a day and your Charisma will skyrock)

– (05:23) Use this thought loop become more confident and push away bad thoughts away in seconds.

– (08:46) Master this secret to be motivated all the time in every part of your life.

-(10:15) Harvard’s Business School secret to stop being anxious and get excited instead saying 2 WORDS.

You having Superstar freedom.

Living the Superstar lifestyle.

Not knowing which day it is and don´t even care about it.

Drinking some cold drink while you rest on some paradisiacal beach underneath a giant palm tree.

Knowing you’ have a huge party tonight and even though you don´t really need to go there, you will.

But not because you are obligated or manipulated into going.

Just because everyone wants you there, so yes, maybe you´ll step by just for a couple of minutes.

After you´re done with this training you´ll instantly have the benefits and total freedom of travel cheaper and being a Superstar all in the comfort of your home without actually having to do any of the hard work.

Staying anywhere you wish on Earth for free.

Imagine what is going to feel like for you to be impossible to go to the mall without everyone smiling at you and asking you to take photos with them.

Really picture what it feels like.

Having your Facebook and Instagram loaded with likes and friendship requests every single day.

How does it feels like to be the leader of your social circle?

How does it feel having to put the phone on silence mode because it literally doesn´t stop buzzing?

Meeting any person you wish on demand without having to lift a finger.

Being the most interesting person in every single party.

Hell, getting paid just to go to parties.

Or maybe even hang out with celebrities like I do sometimes.

Being the most respected person in each place.

Now, how much would that cost to you to reach it on your own?

Spending thousands of euros in advertising?

A near death experience like what happened to our Elite Walker?

Wasting your precious time with hundreds of auditions?

Being schemed in hundreds of euros by some travel, model or talent agency like I was?

So basically you would spend thousands of euros and at least 3 to 4 years of your life that you would never get back.

The thing about learning from me in person is that it costs 1.500 € per day.

Plus you would also have to fly to Portugal or pay for my trip and it’s worth each penny believe me.

But don’t worry you won’t have to invest that much today.

In fact I won’t even charge you 2.000 €.

I’m not going to charge you even 397€ , 297€ , 197€, even though we can both obviously agree that it’s worth way more than that.

Because I understand where you’re coming from. I really do.

You are young, you wish to see the world, to meet new people but…

You are still studying and you probably don’t have your dream full time job yet.

So how are you supposed to get that kind of money?

And that’s why, today and today only I will teach a limited number of the bravest action takers.

200 people to be more specific and after that, my offer is off the Internet forever.

Because I don´t want any mediocre tourist getting access to my secrets.

For the next 200 Elite Walkers (so until the end of tonight probably) I will be giving this exclusive training course away, for just a small investment of only 27 bucks.

Just a one time payment! No recurring fees!

That’s less of what those nice shoes costed, but has a much higher value.

So you’ll get all of your money back, no questions asked.

And we’ll still be friends anyway.

 If you think you can just repeat “I am sociable” all day every day and people will bend over at your feet magically asking you to hang out with them, then this training is NOT for you.

If you are one of those mediocre people who believes that fame and celebrity status is a gift from God or is about “luck and talent” and you could never be a Superstar, then this training is not for you and you should go back to watch YouTube videos.

And if you think it´s impossible to fly or stay in another country can’t be free, this is definitely NOT for you and keep wasting hundreds of Euros on ridiculous expensive trips and accommodation.

Hell, Elite Walkers is not for you. Walk away, and don’t come back, better yet RUN.

This is the BS that travel agencies and those life coaches wants you to believe in so they can sell those lame self-help books or super expensive trips .

Those are the life coaches that advised me to only share the “good stuff”.

Our difference is: They like to sell easy and I sell results.

Do you think The Rock sits cross-legged repeating success affirmations every morning WITHOUT going out, speaking with people, and taking action?

The answer is obviously NO.

And if you’e anything like me, you’re sick of that kind of 19th century crap.

And I know you’re smarter than that.

You´re braver than that.

The world is now more connected than ever before.

With low cost travels, the Internet, you can conquer places faster than ever!

I know you want to get out of that chair and conquer the world you have outside.

Because How to be a Traveler Superstar is definitely NOT any filled with any of the vague promises that every other “life coach” out there preaches.

And it´s going to be your personal lift to success. I guarantee it.

Next up, let me invite you into MY world.

But you gotta promise me, don’t even LOOK at this V.I.P GIFT unless you’re going to take it and USE IT in your own environment, creating your OWN rituals for success.

When you’ll invest on yourself today you’ll also get instant access to this pdf containing all Party Animal Secrets as my VIP gift to you.

 Are you shy or cool but want to enjoy even more than any party? Here´s how:

–Discover all of the secrets of how to be the life of a party.

-How to be surrounded by everyone especially if you don’t know anyone and hypnotizing them so they can’t help but crave for your attention.

–The only mindset to own every party you’re attending or you’ll be hosting.

-How to host the next Project X. Been there, done that and chill because the how to speak with the cops is in here too ; )

– Private Party Invitation – proven plan to be invited to the most exclusive parties in the world without forcing anything.

– Beyoncé’s breathtaking entrance method. Look out for stalkers.

– The one thing you need to do to make it look like you know everyone in there…even if you don´t know anyone.

– My #1 book on influencing people which I’ve never revaled before… until now.

– Always know what to say in the party.

-Take control of your success right now, click the “Add to Cart” button below on this page and join us inside the Success Installation System Private Member’s Area today..

You’ve thought that that was it? Too bad because I always over deliver.

When you’ll invest today you’ll also getting VIP immediate access to this pdf of my personal never shared before rolodex of the best places to search and book any flight.

No worries you can thank me later:

– Pirate airfares websites where you can find deals on flights as low as 15€ to anywhere you wish.

 – Yes, you will find free flights in there if you follow my simple method.

– Yes, these websites are the best and cheapest for whatever country you’re in or wish to go to. I used them all.

– Even RTW tickets? Hell yes. I will show my personal collection of the best round-the-world tickets websites and tell you in which one my friend bought his ticket. 

– How to never struggle again with getting late to the airport – including my forbidden history of my cap, an empty bag and 15 minutes to catch the flight. Will I make it?

– Exposed secrets that travel agencies pay to hide them from you so you would have to pay more for travel.

– Discover the ultimate way to never be tricked by travel agencies or airlines websites ever again.

– Ever paid too much for a flight and then saw it in a different place but at half of the price? Discover why did that happened and how to never be fooled again.

– Tired of advertises in every website you go into after you search for a flight online? No worries I’ll show you how to get rid of that.


The most annoying thing about traveling? Don’t have enough space for carry everything with you.

But thanks to instant access to this pdf VIP GIFT you´re going to carry anything you want and still have room for more.

You’ll learn how to Pack Like a Boss in minutes.

– So you really love traveling but before you leave you always freak out because of packing? Not anymore.

– Worried about the airlines luggage fees? The solution is one click away.

– Wondering if that luggage will fit or you will have to pay more to fly? I got you, no more doubts.

–Which one is the perfect size luggage that will fit anywhere without having to pay for any airline fee? Find out here.

-The essential stuff you need to pack in order to survive.

– The best way to pick your luggage/backpack.

– More than 20 tips on how to backpack travel.


Oh, the drama of being bored.

That horrible feeling that won’t go away no matter how mindless videos you watch or time spent on Instagram.

It’s the number one trait that everybody avoids.

Inside this pdf are the 14 ultimate ways to get rid of boredom and being boring for life!

-At the bus stop, at the car, at the airport, at the station or even at home!

– Do you sometimes feel that you are being boring? Not anymore.

– No theoretical BS. In each example that I am going to share with you there will be practical stuff that you can use as soon as tonight.

– How to never waste time watching mindless videos and find out what you love and get motivated instead.

-Check how to look, think and feel more spontaneous.


Imagine having the freedom to go to Mexico or Paris without having to spend a dime on accommodation.

Actually websites certified for that!

Or stay in some hostel for less than 10 euros?

Get instant access to my personal list in form of pdf of the places I use to search my accommodations and how to go anywhere in the world for free.

 – Want to go to Mexico for a weekend? Just go.

– Always dreamed to see the snow in Russia? Now you can.

– Do you want to make sure that Japan is really that beautiful?  See for yourself.

– Worried about booking hotels throw the internet? Now you don´t have to do it.

–Remember that friend that told you she stayed in Germany without paying for accommodation? This is how she did it.



So you don’t really like flying?

You just want to go across the World by car, train, bus or even doing with style on a cruise but always in the most economical way possible?

Look no more! Get immediate access to this!

Inside this pdf there are over 15 valuable systems that I’ve used and I´m going to give them to you as a gift so you can understand how serious your success is for me.

No problem, I’m doing this for you.

– Are you tired of pay too much for boats, buses or trains trips that are way too expensive? Here’s the solution.

–  You don’t really feel comfortable on a plane? You don’t have to, this is even cheaper!

– The number one rideshare system in Europe? One click away.

– Which way is the fastest and cheapest way to go from A to B? I’ll show you the best system to do that.

– Discover the best and cheapest rideshare systems to cross the globe.

That’s a total of 512€ that I’m giving you away for FREE if you invest on yourself today!

This is nothing like you have seen before.

You dream to see the world.

You fear waking up in the same place as always, alone, old and with your life behind you.

But what are you doing to change that?

We all have that friend that could have been this or that.

And that person we know that went to Africa one day and you secretly envy him for that.

Why do you envy instead of doing the same as he?

Since I stopped hating everybody else and take action and control of my life it all changed.

Now I go to parties all over the world without having to pay for a dime.

I have an amazing Italian girlfriend.

Everywhere I go people can´t help but stare and ask “Who is that confident SOB?”

I´m on letting you in another secret right now.

You´re a cool person. Remember that time you made everybody laugh?

Or that other day when you had everybody staring at you because you were just being cool without even trying or when someone asked you “What´s going on with you today? You look different” because you are just too carefree and charismatic?

Well why don´t feel this way and be like this every single day of your life without even trying?

Imagine how your life would change if you had the power and influence over anyone you wish and make them realize how awesome you are… without you even trying!

We are all waiting for you, so are you coming or you´re going to miss this once-in-a-lifetime journey and spend the rest of your life wondering how much your travels and social life would be better if you had believed in yourself?


By the way that story didn’t happened to me. Don’t get me wrong I was depressed as a kid, I was in all of those countries and I’ve met tons of people. But the part about Australia and Brazil happened to an Elite Walker who was way more shy and unconfident than me so imagine what you can do with this kind of power…


G. Walker – You know where you want to go, so what the hell are you still doing here?

See you inside you handsome devil.

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Click here to get How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Grab my Online Course and discover How to Travel More and Meet More People at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

How To Be a Traveler Superstar – Grab my Online Course and discover How to Travel More and Meet More People is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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