How to Choose the Perfect Tote Bag


Tote bags are such a common sight nowdays. Everyone seess to own one made from various materials. A tote is typically large in size, and has zippers or ties for closure. They come in many designs and usually made from canvas. However, modern-day totes can be made out of almost any material; leather, suede, polyester and recyclable materials.

Inexpensive totes can combine recyclable canvas bags proffered by grocery stores and supermarkets, and the high end ones, made by top accessory designers are making a huge splash on the runways. An elegant tote can enhance your appearance in a jiffy. Designer totes especially made from vintage leather, patent leather or canvas with abstract prints can actually add that "wow" factor to your wardrobe. They are however, can cost thousands of dollars.

How do you choose the perfect tote bag that would suit your taste and budget? Here are some tips to consider.

The first step is to ascertain what the tote would be used for. If it is to accommodate books and documents, then pick one which is made of sturdy material like reinforced canvas or leather. However, if the tote is meant for casual outings, choose one made of lighter material with interesting designs.

Next is the question of dimension. How large do you need the tote to be? It goes without saying that the bigger the tote, the more space you are accorded to place your belovedings. Bear in mind that if the tote is too big, you would end up over-stuffing it, and in the end, the tote will appear bulky and clumsy, not to mention a nuisance. As a guide, put together all the things you need daily; notebook, make-up kit, hairbrush etc. This will help you decide the size of your tote purchase.

Are compartments or divisions inside the tote bag important to you? A tote is mean for you to gather all your stuff in one place. This could pose a problem if you are looking for a particular item. Compartments will greatly help, as small items such as keys or lipstick can be quickly obtained if they are placed in specific compartments. Choose totes with zippers or buttons so that these items will stay secure. You do not want to be done emptying all the contents of your bags looking for a pen or that travel-size moisturizer.

Select a tote which best compliments your personality. There are literally hundreds to choose from. If you want to invest in an expensive tote bag, look for one which is both practical and elegant; something that could take you from work and straight to dinner.

Choosing the perfect tote is not difficult. Take your time, and shop around. Brand names carry tote bags which are almost always elegant and have a refined finishing like gold-plated zippers or crystal adornments. The inexpensive ones should not be ignored though; they come in fantastic designs and colors. In retrospect, you could even buy several to use for different occasions; one tote bag a day for a beautiful you.


Source by Amin Ramjee

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