How to Choose Your Keyword


Choosing a proper keyword is an important thing to do before starting your blog. Whether your blog or website has a commercial purpose or not, it is recommended to choose your keyword. A keyword will give you a guide on how to point your content. With the good maintenance of your keyword, your blog will have a chance to get good points in search engine result pages for that keyword.

However there is a specific rule before choosing your keyword. One of the important aspects in choosing keyword is about single or phrase keyword. How it will give an impact on your future work in building your website or blog. Which do you like within single and phrase keyword? Below are three points that explain why the phrase keyword is better than single keyword.

First, the statistical shows that most of the search engine users would type a phrase keyword (that may contain two or three words) than single keyword. For example they prefer like to type 'traveling agency' than only 'traveling'.

Second, just one single word would not give you the targeted visitors. A search engine user that type 'traveling' in search engine box does not mean he is seeking traveling destination in your country. Maybe he is looking for the other country tourist information. Or he just wants to seek a business cooperation from other firm.

Third, the single keyword is not segregated keyword. A single keyword typed in search engine box will show you huge number of websites. That thousand of website do not have a specific content as you want. If you want to set up your keyword before starting your website, it will be difficult to get the good result in SERP (search engine result page) for that keyword because of too many competitor out there. The single keyword will place you in the high competition.

Understanding the difference within single and phrase keyword will much help you in starting your blog or website. It will help you to make a specific article in your blog content that contains your specific keyword and will certainly help you save your valuable time in reaching a good result in SERP.


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