How to Copy & Burn Nintendo Wii Games

Nintendo Wii is one of the most popular and widely used gaming consoles in the World. It has millions of users who are all enjoying themselves with the revolutionary technology that the Wii has. However, Wii games are prone to getting corrupted, making them extremely slow and damaged. This is a big problem which you can prevent by backing up your games. However, they are very difficult to copy, unless you use this tutorial.

Unfortunately, Wii games have been burnt to DVD, meaning that many people have the power to be able to copy these games with just a PC and a DVD burner. So to prevent illegal piracy, Nintendo introduced a series of measures to protect their games from theft. This means that Wii games have been encrypted so that only Nintendo and Wii consoles can read them.

This encryption is where Nintendo jumbles all the Wii game data into a special language that only the Wii console can understand. This means that if you try and copy the game, your computer will not be able to understand what’s on the disc, making it unable to copy the game properly. This is why many people either get mod chips OR try for months to backup Wii games without any success.

This is a big problem, and because the encryption is very hard to crack, it’s important that you use technique or tool which can understand the encrypted data, and copy it. Because if you can make a 1:1 perfect copy of your Wii game, you’ll be able to play all the backed-up games you want without getting a mod chip.

Source by Jack Hoffmann

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