How to Create an Antique Bathroom Design

When considering a new direction to take your current bathroom in, perhaps “new” is not the word you should be looking for. Perhaps the word you should be thinking of is “antique”. An antique bathroom design is the perfect decor for people who like that rustic or classically appealing feel to their bathroom. Sometimes finding an antique design that complements you and your home is a lot easier than one might expect. Less can be more, and simplicity sometimes brings the most out of your bathroom. The antique design and feel is one that will never go out of style. The antique feel seems to have a way of making people feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Creating an antique design does not require the amount of space you might think it does. Accomplishing a manifestation of that bathroom of your antiquated dreams can come not only at a reasonable price, but it can be created in any amount of space. Antique design can be accomplished with a simple combination of a stylish antique bath vanity paired with an antique claw foot bathtub. Creating the bathroom of your dreams should be fun and exciting. Often people feel that an antique design would not match their house, of would be too over the top. The fact is, an antique bathroom is somewhere to get away or a place to relax, so it really doesn’t matter what the rest of your home looks like.

There are many different types of bathroom design one could go with, but it is the antique bathroom design that tends to have more of a universal feel to it. There is something to be said about the actual complexity of a simplistic design. Less is often more, but you must be careful to create an antique look without looking barren. Antique designs are a growing trend in many new homes. Bringing back the style of the past seems to be the wave of the future. Remember, when you are creating an antique bathroom there are lots of styles of bath vanities and tubs to choose from. The definition of antique is anything that is one hundred years old or older. That means you have a lot of freedom and leeway to really create the bathroom that reflects your view of the past.

Antique bathrooms are a great way to go if you want to create an inviting environment for you and your family. Of course, genuine antiques can be fragile, and original pieces can be very costly are not a necessity. Instead you might want to find a new bath vanity, furniture, or bathtub with an antique finish, style, or replicated design. An antique bathroom design is still your own design, so feel free to take liberties with it and above all have fun with it!

Source by Jane Worthington

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