How to Fix Slow Windows 7 Internet


Windows 7 may be the latest version of Windows, but even with the fast broadband speeds of today, it's still gotten any people frustrated with slow Internet speeds. Although this problem can be caused by a number of reasons, there's one issue which is often so damaging, that it can make the Internet speed of Windows 7 seem like you're on dial-up. This tutorial is going to show you what the problem is most likely to be, and most importantly how to speed it up in the most effective way possible.

There are many reasons why Windows 7 may show slow Internet connectivity, from having a poor wifi connection to persistent errors on your computer. The way to resolve the slow connection is to first identify which issue is causing the slow speed, and then work to resolve it, as since the Internet is such a powerful & diverse medium, there are many issues which could cause it to slow down.

The most blatant reason why the Internet speed of your PC will be running slow will be down to the Internet Company you are using sending a slow connection. It's often the case that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will actually send through a slow connection, as it needs to be shared with people in your area. In order to test this, you should look on Google for "broadband speed test". This will show you a speed test website where you can actually test the "naked" Internet speed of your PC, to see if that's what is causing your connection to be slower. In most cases, this will not be a problem – but if it is, then it's essential that you get it fixed by contacting your Internet company.

If your Internet connection speed is fine, then there's probably another problem that's causing your Windows 7 Internet connection to seem slow, and that's most likely caused by a part of your computer called the "registry". The registry is a central database which stores all the settings and options for your computer, and is where your PC keeps such information as your latest emails, desktop wallpaper and even your Internet connection settings. The registry is used extensively each time you use your PC, and as a result, is also one of the biggest problems for your system as well.

The registry is most like the reason why your Windows 7 Internet connection is running slow, because of how this database is used on your system. Each time you connect to the Internet, or use any of the Internet functions on your system, the registry is constantly being used to help load up the various settings & protocols that your system requires to run. However, because so many of these settings are opened at once, Windows 7 ends up getting confused and saves many of them in the wrong way. This not only causes your computer to take longer to read the files it needs (slowing it down), but also causes a huge amount of errors. This is the reason why most Win7 Internet connections appear slow – because your computer is continuously trying to read damaged settings to run it. The good news is that fixing this problem is actually very easy if you're able to use a "registry repair" tool – a software program specifically designed to fix the various registry errors on your PC.


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