How to Get the Best Mobile Plan


When buying a mobile phone, one of the most important things people want to do is to ensure that they are going with the best mobile phone plan available to them. Mobile phone plans offer a great range of features, options and prices, and it can often be difficult to choose the right plan unless you have carefully considered all the options. But, armed with some knowledge about what are the options available and what are the costs, it is surely possible to achieve the best mobile plan that covers your needs.

The first stage in the process is to determine how often and in which manners you will use your mobile phone. Most people use their mobile phone primarily for making and receiving phone calls. How many minutes per month you expect to be talking to someone on the phone? This is probably the most decisive factor in figuring out what plan to obtain. So, note that the majority of carriers charge your minutes for both incoming and outgoing calls regardless of who called what, your phone minutes will still be charging. But, numerous other factors will also come into play while selecting your plan – you will be receiving or sending textual / image messages, or downloading ring tones or games.

Once you identify some of these options, it is time throw a glance at the available options. In the United States, there are four major carriers: AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. There are also some minor carriers ie Western Wireless, Alltel, US Cellular etc. which serve as a regional mobile service providers. If you are like those people who prefer to go with one of the principal carriers, then find out the costs of each plan for the number of minutes you receive a month. If you are going to use the phone only for emergencies, then a plan with only 500 minutes monthly perfectly suits your needs. The plan costs $ 40.00 a month. If you are an average user of mobile phone, you probably need more minutes, somewhere in the range of 500-1500 minutes a month. These plans typically come with $ 60 to $ 90 monthly. Power users ie busy sales executives; probably need a plan with a much larger amount of minutes. Power plans with several thousands of minutes can cost approximately $ 200.00 monthly. You must be advised that the majority of carriers enable you to place or receive phone calls in off-peak hours and weekends, and even every carrier has a separate definition of the minutes that are called evening or weekend.

The bottom line is that you must actually understand that what are the important parameters of your plan (ie wireless internet, rollover minutes, calling minutes, evening and weekend minutes and text messaging charges etc.) and then you must check the other options available at various carriers. The great mobile phone plan is a plan that offers you a sufficient number of minutes and great coverage at affordable prices.


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