How to Improve Golf Fitness


Physical fitness for golfers is required for optimum performance on the golf course. This does not mean that we have to give up the tradition of the nineteenth hole, it just means that a healthy lifestyle includes some additional forms of physical fitness.

So how do we get started:

Without hesitation, and before starting a physical fitness program, it's required that you schedule a physical exam with a Doctor. We just want to make sure that everything is working OK and this also gives us a baseline to measure our fitness gains from.

Now this is the fun part. Choose some form of fitness activity that you enjoy doing. For me it was bicycling. But there are numerous different ways to just be more active.

Make sure to include a good stretching and warm-up regime prior to beginning your activity and that will pay dividends on the golf course. As well as keeping you from having to visit the Doc again. Make sure not to overdo it at first, especially if its been a while since you crawled off the couch.

Do not allow yourself to become discouraged as we're never young as we used to be. One of the most important items from the previous list is to choose a physical activity that you enjoy doing. That way you will not look at it as being work. Having fun and sweating a little bit does not mean that you're not benefitting from the workout.

Physical fitness for golfers is vital to achieve your best results, so have fun and imagine what your golf buddies will think when you are out driving them.


Source by Peter Heffernan

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