How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month

If you are overweight it is very important to lose weight. Important things are meant to be done thoroughly. When most people seek to lose weight they want it done yesterday. Putting on those extra pounds took months and probably even years, why is it we believe that we could lose it faster?

Today there are diets that allow you to get rid of the extra pounds fast. Earlier fast meant dangerous and unhealthy. Today it means fast and natural. The diets that help you with this are the calorie shifting diets, also known as calorie cycling. These diets manipulates your metabolism into believing that something is wrong and it answers forcefully with an increase in producing energy. The energy comes from that fat stores we have.

The great things with the new diets are that although you lose lots of weight, you don’t really feel like you are dieting. You feel great but the scale keeps showing less every day.

It works this way because we eat enough, we don’t starve out the fat like you do in a low-calorie diet. Starving often means that you feel like crap, your body wants more energy to keep you going but you deny it anymore and thus you start feeling weary and tired.

If you considered trying a low carbohydrates diet, consider this; You are not allowed to eat any carbs during the induction of the diet (most often the first couple of weeks). Half an apple is too much and it will ruin the diet completely. I promise you that if you try this you will know what it means to really crave something. Also our primary fuel for our brain is glucose and we get this from carbs. Stop eating carbs and you will use fat for energy instead. This is a suboptimal solution for your brain. Would you pour anything but premium fuel into a brand new Porsche?

Calorie shifting means that you eat from all the food groups, the trick is to shift calories. This means that one day you eat according to a certain pattern and the next day you change that pattern. This will confuse the metabolism and it will start using fat for energy because it doesn’t know what you are about to eat. Of course this is a very simple explanation but keeping it simple is the trick!

When I started on the calorie shifting diet I actually started to eat more than I did before and even then I lost 8 pounds in less than two weeks.

Source by Jennifer Olsen

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