How To Lose 20 Lbs In 4 Weeks

Losing weight is never easy while putting it on is a charm. In the best of worlds it would be the other way around. Why is so hard to lose 20 lbs in a month?

When we think about our weight and how to reduce it we often forget the most important fact; Our body is not built for the 21st century and not for the 20th century either. Our body is built for what our world looked like 400 years ago. What is the major difference between today and 400 years ago? The supply of foods. Simple and basic.

If we just look 5 decades back there are also some major differences. In the 1950’s we ate somewhere between 10 – 13 different types of food and we ate from every food group. Today we eat 6 – 8 different types of foods and we tend to focus on carbohydrates as our primary source of energy.

So, where did we go wrong? -Well, we didn’t go wrong. We are hardly to blame for the fact that our food supply changed and that our body loves carbohydrates. We should blame the food industry. We should blame the fast food restaurants. It is their fault that we consume extreme amounts of energy.

Take any major burger restaurant, is their burger really that great that we kill ourselves to eat it? It is a genuine ‘let’s make money no matter what’-situation. The founders of those restaurants are brilliant in business and nutrition. They understood way back that carbohydrates and loads of energy was ‘addictive’ and created a solid mass of costumers.

The danger is not in eating a single burger, the danger is in their ‘complete’ meals. The burger alone holds more energy than we need and still we drink a soda or a milkshake and to top it of we eat a supersized portion of french fries with a delicious, creamy dip and loads of ketchup. This shouldn’t be called a meal, it should be called ‘the preferred murder weapon’ of the 21st century.

To lose those 20 lbs we have to get a hold of the situation. We need to understand that we have an addiction that was brought upon us by the food industry. We have to cut down on our daily carbohydrate intake. We do not need to measure and weigh every calorie we eat. In fact you could still eat a satisfactory amount of calories and still lose weight. The secret is not in the amount of calories it is in the type of calorie.

500 calories of carbohydrates is rapidly transformed into fat and gets stored in the fat cells available. Our body’s preferred location for fat tissue differs. Men often get major storages on and around the waistline and belly. Women often store their fat on the thighs and buttocks.

500 calories of protein is not as easily transformed into fat. For this metabolization to occur we need energy and every little process that requires energy also helps you lose weight.

Food could be the enemy but instead you should turn it to work in favour for weight loss. You really don’t need any pills or potions, use the food you eat every day to reach your goal.

There are many advantages in doing this. Eating a pill to reduce the uptake of fat means that you continue to eat in the wrong way and what do you think will happen when you stop eating the pill? What happens when you stop eating meal replacements?

Try to spread your daily calorie intake over all food groups. Try to move your diets focus from carbs to the other food groups. Eat plenty of lean meat and vegetables and only a minor part of carbs. Avoid eating to much pasta, bread and pure sugar. Treat yourself every now and then.

5 changes that will improve health and help you lose the 20 lbs you want to lose in a month.

Good Luck!

Source by Jenni Olsen

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