How to Lose 50 Lbs – 3 Secrets Most Overweight People Will Never Know

So you want to know how to lose 50 lbs? I imagine, if you are like me, that over the years the weight has crept up on you? For me, after having kids and the stress of long work hours and hectic schedules, my diet was the last thing I worried about. And my previous 5 day a week exercise routines pretty much evaporated.

So, lo and behold, I gained a ton of weight and before I knew it I weighed 320 lbs. I tried numerous “diets” and other weight loss fads, but the weight kept coming back. It was just too darn hard to commit to anything and keep it off. This was late 2008. As of this writing, I now weigh 195 lbs, so I have lost 125 lbs. Here are 3 secrets for how to lose 50 lbs (or more) that most people will just never understand:

1. Diets are Stupid

Diets are ridiculous and they just plain don’t work. I know you have heard this before probably a million times. But think about this – for any other “species” on this earth, diet has a whole different meaning. For an animal, it means what they eat. For humans, it means we are somehow restricting what we eat to lose weight.

But the idiotic part is we think of diets as temporary. So, wouldn’t it make sense that when you stop “dieting” you will go back to the same habits and gain weight? So, the first thing you have to do is completely eliminate the word diet from your vocabulary. And don’t ever diet again because it will only set you up for failure.

2. You Have To Know Yourself

I have seen many, many diets that have “cheat days” or allow you to have limited amounts of sweets, etc. This is all well and good…if you can handle it. Let me explain. If you want to have any success losing weight and keeping it off, you have to know yourself intimately. For example, I know for a fact that I have an addictive personality. So, for me, I have to stay away from fatty foods and sweets. I cannot cheat or have a so called “cheat day” because I will slip back into my old habits.

Since I know this about myself, I have a much easier time just avoiding those foods all together. And if I never budge on this rule for myself, I never have an issue gaining the weight back.

3. Know and Understand Habits

You can have good or bad habits and most likely if you are looking to lose 50 lbs, you have bad eating habits. First off, you have to identify what your bad eating habits are. Do you eat late at night? Do you snack? Do you eat junk? Do you over eat and stuff yourself? Do you eat the wrong types of foods?

If you have any of these habits, you can change them, but first you have to know what they are. For example, I ate a lot late at night. This was a bad habit that made me gain weight, so I decided to simply not do it. It took a couple of weeks, but not eating at night became my new habit. Now, it seems odd if I even think about eating at night.

Source by Mathew J. Hultquist

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