How to Lose Weight Fast After Birth


If you’ve given birth recently, I’m sure you’re very anxious to start losing weight and getting back to your slender, pre-pregnancy figure. But besides the fact that you’re sleep deprived, recovering from both pregnancy and labor, and taking care of at least one very needy individual, you’ve probably been told by your doctor to forget about dieting or exercising until six weeks after delivery.

The good news is though, that even though you can’t drastically cut calories or take on a strenuous exercise regime during this time, you can get cracking on losing those extra pounds. Here’s how to lose weight fast after giving birth:

1. Drink, drink, drink.

If you’re nursing, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting enough liquids. Chances are that you’re pretty thirsty as it is, but you want to avoid even mild dehydration as that lowers the metabolism.

2. Watch your calorie intake.

You don’t have to count calories now, and you definitely shouldn’t restrict them too much now as you need to recover from delivery, but it’s easy to make bad food choices when you’re harried and sleep deprived. Try to have a lot of fruits and veggies, as that will help you fill up on healthy, energizing, low calorie foods instead of fattening junk food.

3. Strollercise!

Go for daily walks with your baby, and slip in some strengthening moves while you’re at it. Walking briskly while pushing a stroller will give you a nice aerobic workout, and stopping every five to ten minutes to do some some squats and lunges.


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