How to Lose Weight Plan – Make It A Family Affair

If there is someone in your family who is struggling with their weight, a good how to lose weight plan is to make it a family project! It is no secret that overweight parents tend to have overweight children. Generational habits of poor diet and lack of activity tend to run in families. One family member can take the initiative to break the pattern, leading by example and encouraging everyone’s success. Whole family weight loss can be achieved, and you can have fun doing it.

Summer is a wonderful time to have a family meeting and define some new weight loss and health goals. Remember, these two things always go hand in hand. Not only should the goal be to lose that extra weight, it also has to focus on improving your health. Taking the eye off the scale and concentrating on good nutrition can lead to lasting weight loss, more energy, and fewer health problems.

Remember the old saying “You are what you eat.” It’s really true. Every bite that goes into your mouth should contribute to providing your body with the nutrients it desperately needs. One theory of rising obesity rates questions whether a diet loaded with empty calorie foods leaves the body craving more and more food. This is the body trying to gain the missing nutrients it needs. This makes a lot of sense.

Get the family together and set two healthy goals. Don’t start with trying to revamp your entire lives. Drastic changes often fail. Just pick two things, and work at those for several weeks before adding two more. Changing what you drink is a great place to start. Stop drinking sweetened drinks- pop, fruit punch, sports drinks, and all the other sweet drinks. Don’t switch to diet versions loaded with unhealthy artificial sweeteners. Try green tea, herbal teas, water with lemon or lime juice or plain filtered water. Buy everyone a stainless steel water bottle to carry with them so they will always have their no-calorie, hydrating drinks. Just this one change can make an amazing difference in calorie intake and health.

Exercise and activity are a good choice for a second goal. Instead of going to the movies and eating buttered popcorn, candy, and pop while you sit for two hours, find the nearest state or local park and explore the hiking trails. Take a trip to the library first to arm yourselves with field guides so you can appreciate the wildlife you’ll see.

If you start now, by the end of summer everyone in the family will be slimmer, more energetic and a lot healthier!

Source by Monique Hawkins

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