How To Lose Weight With Appetite Suppressants


For most people, obesity, being overweight or any excess weight, for that matter, is caused by lack of control when eating. These are people who just don’t know when they should stop taking in food, and those who tend to eat a lot when hungry. If these descriptions suit you, then you can easily lose weight with appetite suppressants.

Simply put, appetite suppressants are foods and supplements that have the ability to lessen your psychological motivation for food. They curb your appetite and tone down your cravings to make sure that you don’t eat as much. This method for weight loss is natural in the sense that you lose weight because you decrease your food intake.

How do these suppressants work?

They work by stopping your uncontrollable craving for food and eating by affecting the hunger control centers in the brain. Different suppressants are said to achieve this effect in various ways, and these methods will be explained below:

Suppressing Appetite with Sympathomimetics

For instance, supplements based on symphathomimetics basically act like amphetamines. They stimulate the nerves and the brain to raise heart rate and blood pressure and encourage the release of noradrenaline. This combined effect coerces the neurons to send a signal to the brain indicating that you are already full. Dependency is a common problem with symphathomimetics, so these appetite suppressants usually require doctor’s prescription and guidance.

Serotonin-like Suppressants

There stimulate the production of the enzyme called serotonin. This compound can greatly affect appetite, as well as moods and sleeping habits. Increased production of serotonin provides the feeling of being full and a general feeling of well-being.

Appetite suppressants based on norepinephrine and serotonin

There are also suppressants that can limit the re-uptake of hormones like dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline. This effect sends a signal to the brain and convinces it that you are already satiated. These suppressants also usually promote fat burning as well.

Appetite suppressants based on Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus-like plant that is native of the deserts of the Kalahari. It has long been popular for its appetite suppressant capability. It contains the active ingredient called P57, which is actually a glycoside. Hoodia works as an appetite suppressant because P57 imitates the effect of glucose in the body. Typically, when the level of glucose in the body shoots up, signals are sent to the brain that you have already had your fill. The P57 in Hoodia works the same way.

Note however, that some people may not lose weight with these pills. These are those people who eat even if they are not hungry. For instance, if you eat when you are sad or happy, you will find yourself loading on food and calories even without the craving – and you are sure to gain weight again.

Finally, trials on weight loss have established that the effects of weight loss using appetite suppressants can be enhanced when they are used in conjunction with a sensible, balanced diet and regular exercise.

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