How to Lower Your Phone Bill

Carefully read your phone bill each month.

Handle your phone service as you would any other major purchase. Review your monthly phone bills as closely as you would your monthly bank statements and credit cards.

Ask yourself these questions as you look at your phone bills:

  • Do I recognize the names of all the companies listed on my bill?
  • What services were provided by the companies listed?
  • Are there any unauthorized charges for calls and/or services I did not place?
  • Are the rates on the bill the same as what the phone company quoted me?

Keep in mind that sometimes a call or service listed on your bill may be unclear. If you don’t recognize the call or service listed, call the company who listed the charge and have them explain what services you are being charges before paying the bill.

Small, inaccurate charges for phone-related services add up quickly over time. Make sure you understand what service was provided for even the smallest of charges. Many times crammers sneak a $2 or $3 charge to thousands of customers without being detected.

Keep a file with the records of the phone services you have authorized and used – including calls placed to 900 numbers and other phone information services (i.e.,411=information, *69=last call that rang to your house before you picked up). These records will come in handy when an unrecognized line item charge is listed on your bill.

Carefully review all promotional materials and forms (fine print included) before signing up for a phone service.

Be wise and shop around because the telecommunications business is extremely competitive.

Source by Laura Rucker

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