How to Make Money Online As a Writer


The world of the writer has long held a certain mystique. Perhaps you envision a writer toiling away through the night, wreathed in cigarette smoke, as he or she pounds away on the keys of a typewriter (or a computer). However, that image has little in common with reality. In the modern world, you have numerous ways to make money online as a writer. What are the best ways to become a writer? What jobs pay real money? Who can become a writer?

When you learn how to make money online as a writer, you will come to understand the wide difference in positions available. While some writers do toil throughout the night, pounding out their magnum opus, most writers operate a bit differently. Before you can make money online as a writer, you will need to determine what type of writing you enjoy.

Freelance Writers – Freelance writing encompasses a bit of everything and can include writing articles, advertisements, marketing materials, website content and more. While freelance writers are rarely as well paid as advertising specialists, the variety and pay are quite good and can make a very satisfying career choice.

Copywriter – A copywriter is one who makes a living writing advertising copy. Frequently, these individuals are very highly paid, though the position requires an in-depth understanding of the human psyche and marketing tactics. You can make money online as a writer providing advertising copy and earn a tremendous living.

Technical Writing – Technical writing is very different from the two options mentioned above. To make money online as a writer of technical information, you must have highly specialized information regarding the field in question. This may be writing technical manuals, creating guidebooks, software documentation and more. However, to become a technical writer, you must have a certain aptitude.

Medical Writing – Medical writing, transcription and editing are some of the fastest growing areas of home business. Doctors, hospitals, nurses and publishers regularly outsource jobs in these spheres and, if you can perform, you stand to earn a dramatic income. To make money online writing in the medical field, you will need a working knowledge of medical terminology and adherence to strict guidelines.

As you can see, you can make money online as a writer and earn a tremendous income. Below, you will find some resources to help you get started on your path to success.


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