How to Make Sales Online


Yesterday, we found some products for our niche and now, we need to show our niche what we have! We will do this through emails, a web site and a blog. You should see quickly how to make sales online using these three tools.

An email is by far the easiest way to tell people about what you have to offer. And if you are selling affiliate products, you do not even need a website or a blog. All you have to do is put your affiliate link in your email and when your readers click on the link, they will be taken to the product web page and if they buy, you will get a commission.

A blog is the next easiest way to display your products. You do not need web hosting, a domain name or even a web page. All you do is sign up for a free account at, create your blog and then show people what you have. With a free blog, you can sell physical products, information products or even affiliate products.

The final way to display your wares is a web page. A web page gives you more control and flexibility than a blog. And this is where a lot of people make a HUGE mistake.

Do you know what the MOST profitable web page is known to man is? It is the single page web page (sometimes called the Sales Letter). Think about it. You go to the average web page and you are immediately bombarded with 20 different products and dozens of links that divert your attention.

What you need is a single web page that is focused on one thing and one thing only – the product you are trying to sell. You want to emphasize the benefits of your product – what is in it for your customer. And the last thing you need is distracting links or navigation buttons that take your visitor AWAY from your product!

A confused mind does not buy. I want the visitors that come to my product page to have only two choices … buy or not buy! A portal page is fine for leading your visitor to a product page, but once your visitor is on a product page, you do not want to give them any reason to click away from that page.


Source by Stephen R. Beck

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