How To Make the Most of Every Workout


If you're going to spend the time working out, you might as well go all out and make sure you get the most from your time. The following tips will help you increase energy and pour your heart out at the gym and at home.

Eat for Energy

This is something that you have to do before you actually hit your workout. If you are eating clean before you go into the gym or turn on your workout DVD, you will have more energy to devote to the workout. You will even notice that you feel better and want to workout more when you are eating healthy.

Every time you sit down to eat, ask yourself how much energy the meal will give you for that upcoming workout. Try to make the healthiest choices possible by including a lot of fruits and vegetables into every meal. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible and make sure every meal has something fresh, since those are the foods that will deliver the energy you need to workout at your highest potential.

Juicing is a great way to pack in a lot of nutrients without feeling bloated or full, so consider investing in a good juicer and using it at least a few days during the week.

Look for the Challenge

Workouts should never be easy. If you can breeze through it while talking on the phone or texting your best friend, you are not working hard enough to see results. Put away the phone and all other distractions and try to make every workout as challenging as possible. If you get to the point you can not breathe easily and you can think of ten other things you'd rather be doing, you are probably pushing hard enough to see great results.

If you workout in a gym, try to use machines that will offer the most challenge. For instance, rather than walking on the treadmill, why not go for the incline trainer and pump it up to a higher incline? You will still just be walking, but walking up that incline will burn a lot more calories and add some strengthening benefits for your lower body.

Shake it Up

A lot of weight loss stalls happen because you are doing the same thing over and over and your body gets used to those movements. You may enjoy falling into a routine and doing the same workouts often, but try to do something different at least once a week. Add some running episodes into your normal walk or switch from the elliptical to an incline trainer.

If you workout at home or just by walking outdoors start using a DVD or attending a class in your community once or twice a week. You can even hold dumbbells while walking to add some strength training to the mix a couple days a week.

A Well Balanced Life

The best way to lose weight and stay in shape is to have a well balanced life. This refers to a well balanced diet so you are feeding your body energizing foods, but it also refers to a well balanced exercise program. Cardio workouts are important because they burn lots of calories and increase your fitness level, but strength training is equally important.

Try doing circuit training to get your strength and cardio workouts in one when time is limited!


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