How to Perfect Your Golf Game

I have been golfing since I was 7 years old. My father started by making me custom clubs. He cut the shafts down and even bore out the weight in the wedges and irons for me so I could swing them. By the time I was 10, he started to video tape and study my swing. He was fascinated by what he called my “natural swing” and spent hours studying and trying to duplicate it himself. At this point my love of the game started to fade. Going to the driving range was no longer fun, it started to feel like a classroom. my 20/20 hindsite tells me that if I had any brains I would have stuck with it, become a pro and retired by now, but that’s life! Later in life (when I hit my 20’s) the excitement started to return. I found that it was fun and relaxing to hit the links. I also found that my “natural swing” no longer existed and it might take years just to be as good as I was at age 10. Years of baseball and other sports had completely destroyed my swing and I had a lot of work ahead of me to get that tiny little ball into that tiny little hole 285 yards away!

I had never understood my father’s obsession with different drivers, putters, irons, and wedges, until this point. I know found myself sorting through his 3 main sets of clubs trying out everything I could get me hands on. I loved the Big Bertha . . . that added 40 yards to my drive instantly, and of course his 1968 Ping putter. He says he wants to be buried with it, but I hate to say, when he’s gone, it’s mine! Years later I am completely consumed with trying every new club out there to see if I can shave a couple of strokes off my game. I have even put up a website with the best deals I could find on quality golf products.

Also, when you are looking for deals, try the reputable companies that have a “pre-owned” program. They completely refurbish clubs and resell them at a fraction of the price as the new ones. I have not been able to find anything different in them and it is an exceptional value. Be wary of no name golf sites that tote brand name items. Like anything else on the internet, there are great deals to be found, but always deal with a reputable company. You wouldn’t buy a McDonald’s BigMac from “Joey’s Burgers” so don’t buy a Callaway golf club from “Joey’s Golf Clubs”. Knock offs happen, and it just seems a little too risky for me.

All in all, the game of golf will challenge you every time, with every swing, and on every hole. The right equipment can make a world of difference and doesn’t have to break the bank if you do a little looking. May all you drives be long and straight, and may all your par 3’s be Hole-In-Ones!

Source by Sandra Azmann

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