How to Save Massive Money on Cameras


I've just had to educate myself on cameras and printing photos, and have found significant ways to save money without compromising quality. Fortunately I have some friends who are serious photographers, one even a professional, and they have helped me in my quest for finding a great cheap reliable camera and printing my photos as well. Here is what I learned.

I buy locally when I can to support my local merchants, who usually give great advice as well, so you may want to start there but I found a better deal online this time. I will not mention the brand, but I bought a camera for around $ 50 that retails for close to four times that!

OK, how do you do that? How do you buy a great camera cheaply? Well, camera manufacturers are constantly coming out with marginally better cameras and discontinuing their old models. Sure, today's latest model is much better than one from five years ago but not last month's model or one from six months ago.

There are constantly great cameras being greatly discounted because the next model is about to come out. I always check camera reviews to make sure people like the model and that it's trouble free as well. Lots of online sites have reviews and I'll mention some below, although Amazon reviews and reviewers have always been good to me.

You also may be able to save serious money on a great photo printer the same way. Buy an extremely well reviewed model or one recommended by a friend that's about to be discontinued. The savings are often insane!


Source by Harold Baldwin

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