How to Spring Clean Your Computer

One of the most important computer maintenance tasks you can undertake is to dust the inside of your machine. Many people fail to realize or simply do not think about the amount of dust that builds up inside their computers or what damage it can do to its internal workings.

The easiest and safest way to clean your computer out is to simply use a can of compressed air, which is usually available in many local supermarkets and stores and certainly at any office supply outlet. Before you begin, make sure that the computer is powered down properly and then unplugged. This is of course essential to avoid both damage to your computer and injury to yourself.

To start your computer clean up , open your tower carefully. Though you cannot see it all even now chances are you will be very surprised by how much dust has accumulated. Your dusting efforts should be concentrated on the fans but try to reach every possible nook and cranny. Once you think you have done all that you can close everything back up. Do not forget to pay attention to any USB ports and disk drive doors too, dust is just as fatal to them.

After your spring clean is over you should turn your attention to preventing the dust build up from returning. The easiest way to do this is to buy a filter that can be placed over your computer’s air intakes.

There is a filter on the market that affixes easily to your computer’s air intakes by a simple place and stick installation, does not impede your computer’s functioning and lasts 3-6 months before it needs replacing. It does all of this and it costs about $5 per computer, a very small price to pay considering how expensive dust related computer repairs are.

Once your computer is cleaned out and then protected in this way you will notice a difference. The fans will run quietly, the computer will run faster. It’s amazing how much trouble a little thing like dust can cause for a computer and how much better it will run once it is virtually dust free.

For many people their computer is an integral part of their daily lives and if it fails they are truly lost (and in many cases so is a great deal of precious, perhaps irreplaceable data). A simple spring clean and then the use of an inexpensive yet very effective dust filter can be both a lifesaver and a life extender for your computer.

Source by Yosi Salman

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