How Using Online Fax Services Is Beneficial


Faxing has changed drastically with the advent of Internet. With web fax service, all you need is to attach the required document to an email and send it to your fax provider. Most Internet fax service providers use the best online fax technology having filters that can filter your attachment, convert them to a file that can be seen on screen without any additional software. Online faxing facility has numerous benefits and few of the principal benefits are:

1. Cost Savings: There is no need to invest in a traditional fax machine and eternally bother about its maintenance. Many fax machines may also require costly repairs and toner refills, regular purchase of consumables that can all add up to hundreds of dollars in the course of a year – depending on the volume of your fax messages. Internet faxes also avoid charges associated with long distance phone calls because they transmit the information over internet lines rather than phone lines. Besides, some of the service providers will offer their customers additional fax pages for free when purchasing certain plans.

2. Ease of operations: Internet faxing is childishly simple and you will not have to contend with frequent paper jams nor be annoyed with too many busy signals. There is no need for handling ink and toner and make the entire faxing area messy. You can send/ receive fax messages from any location by accessing the Internet.

3. Secure faxing: With any fax-to-email service, the faxes you send out will mostly be encrypted to ensure that it is secure and confidential. That web fax services allow you to attach files and have them converted into a format that does not require additional software to be viewed.

4. Mobile text alerts: If you are constantly on the move, it is not necessary that you hang around in the office waiting for some all-important fax message to come in. With some service providers, you can type in your mobile phone number into your fax-to-email account, and this will alert you through a text message whenever you receive a new fax message.

5. Operational efficiency: Unlike traditional fax machines which can only send and receive single fax message at a time, online faxes can send/ receive multiple faxes simultaneously making them pronouncedly more efficient contributing to improved business productivity at your office. You can send faxes without the need for a separate dedicated additional fax line.

6. No special software to buy or download: When signing up for these services with your provider, you will never need to buy or download any kind of software. It is all conveniently packaged into your account and all you have to do is to select a reliable and reputed fax service provider.

7. Green faxing: According to research done by environmentalists, it is revealed that traditional fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper each year in United States alone. If just five percent of this were done paperless, it could save up to one million trees a year and you can avoid large scale pollution by reducing paper consumption.

8. Additional benefits: If your volume of fax messages is huge and baffling and you want to know who sent what – then fax service providers will maintain a detailed and always updated log as to who called the fax machine, what number they used and at what time the transaction went through.

If you desire to switch over from your conventional fax machine to an online fax-to-email service, you can still retain your original fax number. This way, there will be no disruption and you will never have to update your clients on what your new fax numbers.


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