How You, Too, Can Pay Bills Through Bank Online On Your Mobile


Modern technology affords us many conveniences. Some seem too good to be true. One of these is the ability to pay bills through bank online on your mobile. It was fantastic when we were able to do this through our home computer, now, however, we are able to do this through the convenience of our mobile phone.

Paying bills through bank online on your mobile is pretty simple. This usually requires downloading the online banking application to your mobile device prior to using this service. Once installed however, it is as easy as opening the application and setting up the bills you wish to pay online. You may have done this step previously on your computer. If so you will be able to pay those bills already established.

If you have new bills you want to add to the list you can now do so without having to wait until you are back at the office or at home. Log in to your online banking and follow the same steps you would if you were using your computer. With the click of a button you can now pay the the bill left sitting on your desk and you are now on your way to a business meeting in another state.

There are, of course, things you want to keep in mind when using the convenience of this system. Always password protect your information with a password that doesn’t include numbers such as social security, birthdays, number of children or anything that would be easily discovered by a potential hacker. You don’t want your financial information to be in jeopardy because your password was “1234”.

One of the advantages to using a mobile application to pay your bills is being able to log on anywhere any time and pay those bills even when away on business or vacation. No longer do you have to be concerned that you forgot to pay a bill and have to wait until you get home to get the statement, write the check, stamp the envelop and get it to the mail box. With the touch of a few buttons the bill is paid and you have electronic confirmation that it was done.

Another advantage is that once the bill is submitted through your online banking it is deducted from the account and you will not have the concern that you may have returned checks or overdraft fees when you use your debit or credit card attached to the account.

Of course the disadvantage can be that if you lose your mobile device your information can be at risk. If you do lose your mobile device be sure and contact your banking center and make them aware that you utilize mobile banking and your mobile device has been lost. They can then inform you of any unusual activity that could occur with your account and of course you will want to contact and report the loss of your mobile device to the carrier.

The modern technology of today can simplify our lives and allow us more freedom to manage other tasks. When used wisely the ability to pay bills through bank online on your mobile will give you peace of mind that all of your financial responsibilities are handled and not forgotten. Follow a few basic steps and you are well on your way to using this convenient service.


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