HTC's New Diamond Edition – The HTC Touch Diamond 2


The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a state of the art flagship mobile phone that has been unveiled by the global leader in mobile design and innovation-HTC Corporation.

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 has a sleek design. It incorporates a metallic case enclosing the sides of the phone. The lower end of the phone has a lip. The matte black rear and the shiny glossy finish around the screen add to its elegance. The phone is small, but its front portion is dominated by the broad display touch screen measuring 3.2 inches. This is exactly what a mobile phone user wishes for and since is a major plus point of the phone.

The screen is a TFT LCD screen with a powerful resolution for vivid, clear and colorful display. The zoom panel benefit the touch screen helps you view zoomed web pages, emails, photos and text with a flick of the finger. The soft metallic keys on the phone like home, back and keys for answering and ending calls are also finger friendly. For those whose fingers are not nimble, the stylus comes to the rescue. It rests subtly at the right side of the body of the phone, and is hardly visible. The camera lens is well protected by a piece of brushed metal that embodies style.

The HTC Touch Diamond2 uses the Windows Mobile 6.1 software and is not an android mobile as was expected by HTC mobile fans. However this minor anomaly is more than compensated by the superior Touch FLO 3D interface that is coalesced with the software to enhance working of mobile applications and menus. The home screen has a calendar and call log as well as important applications like, photos, weather and music to enable fast entry into them, all with a swipe of a finger.

Navigation is rendered easy and intuitive by the high responsiveness of the interface icons. Because the phone uses Windows Mobile 6.1 software as its brain the phone is almost like a compact version of a Windows PC or laptop. So you have pocket forms of Word and Excel, a music player that functions like the Windows Media Player and Internet explorer for web browsing. You can also search and manage files as on a Windows computer.

Other powerful features
The smart phone has been touted as a people-oriented simple communication device. The single contact view attribute seeks to achieve this objective of the phone, by providing a condensed history of recent conversations-voice, email or text conversations- with each contact in a single screen. It is accessed through the contact card or in call screen.

The 5 Mega pixel camera equipped with auto focus helps you capture picturesque views and great moments of life on your mobile. Experience the fun of watching movies and listening to music on the phone. Fast internet downloads, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi Fi are other great features.

This delightful model holds on its own in the world of touch screen smart phones and is definitely worth a buy.


Source by Susan Hargreaves

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