I Love Him – How Do I Get Him Back?

When you are in love with your man and he walks out of your life, you are devastated emotionally. Life becomes empty and depressing. You love him and you want him back. If he also loves you, then fear not, he loved you once and he will love you again.

Relationships are hard and sometimes they just fall apart for a variety of reasons. Do not blame yourself for the demise of your relationship. Think about it this way: He hit his head and made a mistake. Your mission is to find a way help him realize that and get him back. Are you willing to undertake that mission? Nod yes if you can.

First you need to understand that love does not conquer all. Just because you love him, does not mean you should be together. For a relationship to work and endure long term, you also need trust, friendship and communication. And of course, he should love you back. You do not want to be in a one-sided relationship when it comes to love. Do not do that to yourself.

Let’s start with his feelings for you. Has he ever said “I love you” or “I am in love with you”? Many men have problems saying those words, so if that’s the case, examine his actions. Do his actions convey love? What has he done to make you think he loves you? There should be no doubt about whether or not he loves you. Be careful not to assume he has a problem saying “I love you”, he may not have spoken those words because he does not love you. You should not attempt to get him back if you know for a fact that he does not love you. You deserve to be loved. Be careful about this assessment.

Next, we will examine trust. Do you trust him? Does he trust you? Has there been any breach of trust? Has either of you cheated or lied or deceived the other in any way? Trust is so important in relationships. A strong foundation of trust will ensure the longevity of your relationship. If you have trust issues, then it could take longer to get him back and when you do, you will need to work on rebuilding trust.

What is the communication like in your relationship? Can you talk about anything under the sun? Does he open up intimately about himself? Do you? Or do you engage in simple chit chat? Do you discuss your dreams, your future or your self-doubts? If there was a high level of communication in your relationship, you have a good chance to get him back.

Are you friends? If you never again have a relationship with him, would you stay in touch as friends? Could you have a platonic relationship with him if he got married? If you are truly friends, you will always be friends. Along with trust, friendship helps strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Always strive for sincere friendship in your relationships.

So if love, trust, communication and friendship existed in your relationship, then you are ready to embark on a plan to get him back. Help is available.

Source by Kathryn A. Carter

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