iGuard – Advanced PHP Login and User Management with Phone or Email

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iGuard – Advanced PHP Login and User Management with Phone or Email iGuard is PHP application, written in Laravel PHP framework (version 5.2), that allows website owners to quickly add and enable authentication, authorisation and user management to their website.

It is designed following latest security and code standards and it is ready for high availability websites. Although it is written in Laravel, it can be used to provide secure login, authentication, authorization and complete user management for any PHP powered website. With iGuard, you can now give Privilege to users who don’t have email to Register, Login and recover their Password all with their Phone Numbers instantly and securely just like Facebook where certain of it Users Registers with just Phone Number as their Email.

It is a Secured Advanced Account System that allows a User to Register with either PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL, Login with either PHONE NUMBER or EMAIL, Recover forgotten Password with either PHONE or EMAIL.

Now When I want to Register, it ask me of Name, but when I get to Email place which is the Primary details to use and Login, I can decide to use EMAIL ADDRESS to register or PHONE NUMBER, If I select Phone, it tells me to Select My Country, I select it, it appends the Flag and the Country dialing Code and ask for the number, when I put it, it takes me to the next page where I am ask to provide the SMS Verification Number sent to my Phone, when I put it, my Account is Activated and Verified, but If I don’t see SMS, I can retry to receive SMS and without Verifying, I can’t Login, But if you chooses Email, it ask for your Email and send the Activation link to your Email, then you click on the Activation Link to Activate your Account.

Version 1.0 Features

  • Secure user registration and login with Email Address
  • Email Verification/Activation – Avoid false signups!
  • Password reset with Email
  • Welcome email and activation email
  • Secure user registration and login with Phone Number
  • Phone Number Verification/Activation – Avoid false signups!
  • Password reset with Phone Number
  • Welcome SMS and activation SMS
  • PayPal Payment to Upgrade Account from FREE User
  • User Profile Completeness (Notify Users to Complete their Profile)
  • Remember Me feature on login
  • Login with email or phone number
  • Google reCAPTCHA on registration (Coming Soon)
  • Authentication Throttling (lock user account after few incorrect login attempts)
  • Interactive and Responsive Dashboard
  • Exclusively on CodeCanyon
  • 24/7 Support and available for Custom Customization
  • Client side and server side form validation
  • Complete and detailed documentation
  • Fully object oriented/MVC and commented PHP and CSS code.
  • CSRF Protection – all forms include CSRF token
  • Session Protection – highly secure Laravel 5.2 session mechanism
  • Highly secure one-way password hashing

  • See Total Registered Active Users
  • See Total Registered Inactive Users
  • See Total Registered Users with Email
  • See Total Registered Users with Phone
  • See Total Registered Users by Country, Example See All Users from USA


  • View your Profile
  • Edit Your Profile
  • Update Account once you Login
  • Change Password
  • Change Profile Photo
  • Pay to Upgrade


Future Updates

We keep working on keeping this script up to date and having all features a user management can have. We keep looking for user’s suggestions and requests if you have any suggestion or recommendation please let us know. So we can make this more better together. Future updates would be completely free for buyers.


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