Image Multi Upload

Latest Version: 27.05.2013 – v2.5. Check the changelog

Image Multi Upload is a web page upload plugin. It is very easy to implement. It requires only four quick steps:

  • upload required files to the server,
  • attach them to the website,
  • create upload folder on the server,
  • place uploader on the website.

Every upload input that you would like to use as Image Multi Upload input should have IMU class.

If you’re using many uploaders on one site, each of them will automatically get unique id. First will get IMU0Uploader id, second IMU1Uploader etc.


  • Upload Single Or Multiple Files Via Ajax,
  • Upload Any Type Of Files (Not Only Images),
  • Resize Images,
  • Create Image Thumbnail (With Keep The Image Aspect Ratio),
  • Possibility To Add Image And Text Watermarks,
  • Easy Integration With Forms,
  • Submitting Form By Using Ajax,
  • Create Any Number Of Thumbnails Under One Upload,
  • Customizable Paths To Thumbnails Folders,
  • Customizable Thumbnails Sizes And Dimensions,
  • Pass Custom Data,
  • Files Extension Filters,
  • File Size Limit For Uploading,
  • Limit Number Of Uploading Files,
  • Auto Upload, Upload On Button Click, Upload On Form Submit,
  • Custom Upload Button,
  • Upload Statistics,
  • And More…

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What Others Are Saying

Great work!

Thanks for this. Great script, superb support. Author is a really great guy with lots of patience. Highly recommended.

This script is awesome!!

Great work and thanks for the customization. Very fast and helpful.

QuanticaLabs, Thank you so very, very much for creating this awesome application. It was so easy to install that I got it installed in minutes and started using it right away. When I “thought” I had a problem I was so very impressed that you got back to me right away with your reply. At first I thought there were no files being uploaded. When you told me to refresh my server directory, it WORKED just like that! LOL. Actually, I spent more time on sending you an email with screen shots than it took for me to install and run the entire application. It takes real talent to make an application that even someone as code challenge as I am can understand and implement in minutes. You have just made my life easier in a big way. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us.

Thank so much worked perfectly!!! Much appreciated.

Great job on the script QuanticaLabs. Its well documented, simple to use an works without a hitch (least what I tested thus far).

Awesome work! This is exactly what I have been hunting for for some time now! It was easy to implement right out of the box, and with some customization was able to get it to do exactly what I needed.


27.05.2013 – v2.5

  • Crop function for thumbnails added.

11.06.2012 – v2.1

  • Fix for transparent png watermarks added.

05.12.2011 – v2.0

  • Text and image watermarks feature added.

14.11.2011 – v1.7

  • Possibility to hide uploaded image/file after upload, with afterUpload=”none” parameter.

19.02.2011 – v1.6

  • MAC OS support for displaying thumbnails added.

03.02.2011 – v1.5

  • Submitting form using ajax added.
  • Onprogress parameter added (specified type of information displayed when file is uploaded, could be percentage or speed).
  • ButtonText parameter added (to specify caption of the upload button).
  • And more.

23.11.2010 – v1.2

  • Small bug fixed.

06.10.2010 – v1.1

  • Bug fixed (files with single quote (‘) in name weren’t displayed after upload).
  • Bug fixed (js error after click on cancel button when unacceptable file was uploaded) .


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