News mobile application INews allows its users to stay abreast of news and recent events in the world.
Users can view the latest news by categories, can add any news to favorites and also share it to social networks. The Inews application has rich functionality and ergonomic design, that make it even more user friendly.

Features news application Inews:

1. Ability to view the latest news and news by category;

2. News feed auto reload;

3. Ergonomic design;

4. Graphics is optimized for different screens;

5. Audio application;

6. Font size adjustment (setting up);

7. A search for interesting news.

How to create an ad unit

In strings.xml need to change ad_mob_banner_unit_id on your app ID (from the Admob site).

You can find how to do it here:

File can be found along the way:


We have updated our application (INews new)!
Now our users will always be aware of all news, we added a notification in our application!

The application compiles via Android studio version 1.2


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