Instagram for Magento


Add an Instagram feed to your Magento Website! Show your Instagram feed images and videos easily via the Magento Admin area.

Note: The live demo does not work due to iframe embedding. Remove the iframe by clicking “x Remove Frame” in the live preview to see the full demo.

CDL’s Instagram for Magento module creates a sidebar or footer mini gallery as well as a full gallery page.

  • Simplified Auth process
  • Choose placement of Mini Gallery, left sidebar, right sidebar or footer
  • Shortcodes to place gallerys in any page via CMS or phtml files
  • Uses Magento’s native js library for faster loading times, no added jQuery

The size of the sidebar images can be adjusted so that you can fine tune them to match your websites design. No coding needed.

Full Cache abilities to decrease server load and page load times.

Full setup instructions can be found here:

Release Notes
== 1.4
Change naming conventions to prevent conflicts

== 1.3.2
Changes for Instagram's new API policy.
Now limited to only displaying the current users feed. Sigh.

== 1.3.1
Bug Fixes
- Major Update
- Now supports video playback
- Fully responsive shadowbox
- Side by Side layout on larger screens
- Updated and improved Cache
- Page Title Fixed
- Uses custom shadowbox instead of lightbox

- Ajax loading of more photos
- Removed pagination as it was limited by Instagram API
- Further improvements to HTTPS loading and support

- Authorisation overhaul
- Removed need for user to register an app on Instagram Developer site
- Moved template files to base/default

- Added HTTPS support

- Fixed lightbox issue for gallery
- Fixed loading of JS on demand
- Added ability to choose placemnt of minigallery. Left sidebar, right sidebar or footer


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